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Originally Posted by Googleshng View Post
That's a filthy lie and you know it.
Originally Posted by Daneno View Post
Fliers are truly like unto Grecian gods.
To be fair, I meant that more in the specific sense of Paper >> Rock, rather than weighing their objective merits. That being said, I do have to admit that I'm less fond of the flying units than most people. I just really like Archers. I typically only make one flier; two at most. They're very useful for snagging out-of-the-way loot and circumventing environmental obstacles, but there are some maps where their weakness to arrows leaves them cowering in fear on the back line.

Originally Posted by Daneno View Post
I vote that we turn Huxley into a monk.
On the other hand, I'm right there with the rest of the Internet on everything >> Monk. I live in fear of how many you guys may decide to saddle me with.

Admittedly though, Huxley is the coolest-looking Monk (especially in comparison to how he looks otherwise), and I'd probably like to show off at least one of every class (and I may or may not decide to enforce that when it comes time to vote if the vote results completely exclude any classes).

Originally Posted by SladeForrester View Post
I am loving this LP so far, bringing back a ton of memories.

I probably should have brought this up earlier, but I want to make it clear that, since this is my first LP, I'd love to hear any criticisms or suggestions. For instance, I'm constanting second-guessing my choice of screenshot size, and wondering if I should be trying to reduce the overall number of them as well (or, conversely, including even more, rather than resorting to the occasional text dump for long conversations).
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