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Hey, can you find a glass?

The place with the purple fog and hidden temple? You don't say.

What are the odds that that's not where we're headed?

Waaay ahead of you buddy.

You'll be... impressed enough to buy us a round?

FINALLY, someone in one of these taverns is interested in talking about something inconsequential. Care to join me for a drink?

That works too! Um... what is it, exactly?

(Note that there's a pretty narrow window to get this item, and it's a pretty important one. If you miss this conversation then you're shit outta luck.)

We're working on it. But about that key? Nothing? Alright then.

The inventory screen isn't much more enlightening. Hrm, where have I heard someone talk about keys before?

Ooo. I think we'll leave this for a later update, but it's definitely on the to-do list.

Alright, let's set sail!

But first, let's take a look at our newest party member.

Hrm, his gear is terrible. Most importantly, he's not wearing pleather. THIS CANNOT STAND.

Much better.

Well, everyone in town was talking about a pirate terrorizing the local waters, and our next map node is explicitly at sea, but this is an RPG, so a sea monster battle isn't out of the question.

Next Time: Let's get kraken? Oh who am I kidding; it's pirates.
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