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I begin my next turn by having Kira fire on the front-most pirate on her ramp. I doubt that this arrow will kill him (although, with the support bonus, it's an outside possibility), but Grog's attack certainly will, so if I'm going to kill him with Grog anyway then I'd prefer that Kira snag some experience while I'm at it.

Sure enough, she's unable to finish the job. Grog, if you would do the honours?

Lovely. Again, my primary goal is to minimize the damage that my front line takes, so I'm fine having Grog and Clint attack provided that they stick to dealing killing blows.

Still, 36 is a bit low for comfort, so it's time for Huxley to step back into his assigned role and top Grog off, netting me another level up. I have him head as far towards the other ramp as he can while doing so, as I want him to be able to reach the other group if there's an emergency.

Clint kicks off his ramp's offensive by finishing the job that he couldn't finish during the enemy turn.

Eleni follows up by terrifying another pirate to within an inch of his life, which nets me yet another level up. I guess there's a lot of spare XP to go around when you bench your star player. Level-ups for all!

Diego finishes off the remaining opposition on his ramp. Little do these pirates knows that Clint & Diego are sparing them an afterlife full of torment by preventing Eleni from dealing the killing blow and winking them out of reality.
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