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No, you're not experiencing Deja Vu: this turn went precisely the same as the previous turn, with Kira shooting an arrow to bring the lead pirate to 4 health and Grog dealing the finishing blow.

What is different this time though is that Grog is now sufficiently injured that Huxley's heal is not quite powerful enough to bring him back to full health.

On the enemy turn, the same two archers again take shots at Grog from behind their friendly meat shield. You'd better enjoy it while you can guys, as playtime's almost over.

We're down to only two remaining pirates on the other ramp, but Clint doesn't look to be enjoying a single arrow to the face any more than Grog.

Second verse, same as the first. I think I may actually let Grog finish this guy off by himself on my turn, as I'm quickly growing tired of those archers hiding in the back and it's time that I do something about it.

Clint's counter-attacks are only doing one less damage than Grog's, but that single point of HP is the difference between two attacks and three attacks per pirate.

Fortunately for Clint, he has backup, so I open my turn by having Diego shoot the lead pirate. Much like Kira though, Diego's support-assisted arrow isn't quite enough to finish the job.

Clint doesn't seem to mind though.
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