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Hey, this is unsolicited, but its kinda open to everyone because I've noticed it in a bunch of places:

At the end of an update, could you guys put some sort of conclusion? Just a little something to let the readers know the update is over. A lot of times they just sorta end and it's hard to discern if its just a post break because of image/character limit or if you're done with the update.

I'm not asking for a whole lot, just a little "Next Time: WACKY THINGS HAPPEN" or "To be continued..."

Also: Criticism is welcome on either I've done, so I'll know what not to do when I finally start a new one. Commenting on the quality of the translation in the Persona LP isn't that helpful, since I clearly bit off more than I could chew and vastly underestimated the difference between understanding and translating.

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