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Chapter 3: This Is Snow. So Is This.

Welcome back! Last time, we took a boat from Fabul to Baron.

See? Made it in one piece. Cid's possibly at his home; if not, maybe his daughter knows where he is.

(From now on, since the dialogue is new, I'll be putting it in quote tags)

Originally Posted by Cid's Daughter
So, you are alive!
My father hasn't come home
for a long time.
Hmm. Guess he's at the castle, then.

B-but I'm the former captain of the Red Wings!

Back in town, there's some commotion at the Inn, so we go check it out.

It's a fight! And apparently Cecil's traitorous? guys i think the item shop owner tattled on me

Rydia sobers them up real fast with a Cold Dust.

And they're so grateful for it, they left their key behind!

We check out the weapon and armor shops, which has a full set of Shadow armor for Cecil, and a Wooden Hammer and Hand Axe that no one can use... Behind the counter is a Healing Staff, which will be great for chip damage; Rydia can use it, so I hand it off to her.

But no, with this key, we can also go to the old waterway; with the guards in front of the castle, it's our only way inside to talk to Cid. The king will probably understand, right...?

Sure he will! And with that, in we go!

Now, a bit of a mechanical observation. In the base game, you're here with Paladin Cecil, twin mages Palom and Porom, old sage Tellah, and Yang. Here...

We still have Cecil, even if he hasn't gotten a makeover yet. Yang's still here too, but without Lit or Ice Claws, he's not gonna be as handy here. Instead of the three mages, we have Rydia, who can only summon (she'll pick up Ramuh next level, which will be real helpful). And as a wildcard, we have Edward; at level 9 (which was way back in Mt. Hobs), he got the Alure song, which confuses the enemy party, though it takes a bit of time to sing.

The Healing Staff gets more than a little workout as I travel through the waterway. Fortunately, most enemies only use physical attacks, so with enough applications of Dfnse Song, I only take 1 damage per hit, letting me heal to full. At level 16, Edward picks up the Life Song, which heals everyone for 20% of their max HP. Yang loves this, of course, and Cecil doesn't mind it either. Sadly, neither Rydia nor Edward get a lot of healing from it, but they're in the back row, so it's enough.

The save point near the end of the waterway, which normally has the Ancient Sword in a hidden side-room, now has the Coral Sword, which is a knightsword that deals Bolt damage. It's equal in power to the Ancient Sword we got from Fabul, but it's going to be very useful very soon, and I'm sure you can all guess why.

We get to the Castle, and the first place we check out is the Jail. Call it a hunch.

Fortunately, the guard's asleep, and is that who I think it is over there?

It is! Hi, Cid!

Cid: Cecil! How did you
get in here?
Cecil: The same way we're
getting you out!
It then prompts for an item. It's a nice touch how the Baron Key works for the jails, too. We get him out, and then...

you and Kain. I didn't
trust him after what he
used my airships for so I
hid the latest schematic.

Cecil: We need to put an
end to this right away.
Cid: Count me in! Let's
take out that imposter!
So, somehow, despite not having some weird detour to Mysidia and Mount Ordeals, Cid confronted the King before we got here and got himself locked up (recall in the base game, he's barging in to confront the King just as you wipe up Cagnazzo).

Cid joins here (of course), and I outfit him with Cecil's old Mythril armor. He comes with a Wooden Hammer already (two-handed, so no shield), and it packs a punch.

For comparison, Cecil's got 49 attack with his Coral Sword, and Yang has 41 with his fists.

In-battle, he no longer has the Peep command (that exactly 0 people ever used). Instead, he has Rage, which casts Berserk on himself (casts, as in, "can be Reflected"), and Dash, which lets him ram an enemy for damage equal to his current HP; in exchange, his HP is then set to 1.

Let's go talk to the King now.

The hallways are eerily silent... sounds like the perfect time for looting while no one notices! Unfortunately it's all consumables, but that's fine. The east tower basement's sealed off, so I can't get to it...

Okay, now let's go talk to the King.

We can see Cecil's a little more aggressive than you might expect.

Cecil: I'm sick of your
lies. Because of you, the
people of Mysidia had
their crystal stolen and

the summoners of Mist
have been all but
exterminated. You think
you can just lock up or

kill whoever opposes you?
Whoever you are, you're
not King Baron and I'm
done being manipulated!

King: Baron? Who's that?
Oh... I remember!
He's the fool who refused
to surrender!

Oh, yes!
And I took his place!
Cecil: I knew it!!

King: Wanna see the King?
Don't worry! You'll see
him soon enough.
Cecil: Who are you...

Gasp! You mean, the Fiend of Water was the one who stole the Water Crystal?!

Time to fight! Some of you may have noticed, however...

...who's going to break his water barrier with Lit? Ramuh doesn't work, and neither does evoking the Thunder Rod. The answer is, you don't. Kill him fast before his Waves do the same to you.

Of course, Ramuh's still worth casting; he's also weak to Ice, so Shiva would be functionally equivalent. Edward is best used singing Speed and Life Song, while our three meatheads bonk the turtle.

...and then the first Wave kills Edward straight out. Unfortunate. Right now, my goal is to DPS him down into his shell, at which point I can revive Edward, then finish the job.

...Then he casts Haste and puts the barrier down himself. I don't recall if that's part of his standard script or not, but either way, it's not unwelcome.

His second Wave does less than 100 damage to everyone; I suspect it's tied to his current HP. I pick Edward up after that and Cagnazzo retreats into his shell in short order.

Before he can act again, Cid and Yang bludgeon him to death.

Huh. I got the Water Crystal back from him. Maybe I should go bring this back to Mysidia...

Before I can do anything else, however, Baigan rushes into the room.

As Baigan looks around (his sprite actually turns left and right, it's cute), Cecil finishes his sentence.

Cecil: Wait...

*entire party advances on Baigan, who backs up*

Cecil: You knew?? And you
went along with them this
whole time!?

Baigan: Yes. I'm not proud
of my actions, but what
could I do alone against
Golbez and all his and

Baron's forces? I know I
have dishonored the
Knights of Baron and will
do whatever it takes to

make amends.

Cecil: I believe you... and...
I understand how you must
have felt...

Rydia: What was that thing
we just fought?
Baigan: Golbez has four
Fiends, each of which

gets their power from
one of the crystals. You
defeated the Fiend of

Cecil: So that's why he
was so desperate for
Mysidia's Water crystal.
Baigan: Yes, moreover,

the crystals also act as
keys of some sort. If
Golbez can collect them
all, he will be able to

activate some kind of
device. I'm not sure what
it is or what it does,
but it can't be good.

Cecil: Then we have to
stop him from getting
Toroia's Earth crystal at
all cost! Cid, you

mentioned something about
a new airship?

Cid: It's only a design...
My assistants can start
work on it, but it won't
be done in time...

Cecil: Are any of the sea
ships usable?
Baigan: I'm afraid not...

Cecil: Then we'll have to
go on foot...

Rydia: There's a shortcut
through the Misty
Mountains! I'll show you
the way!

Cecil: Excellent! Let's
go! Baigan, I trust you
to take good care of
Baron while we're gone!

Baigan: I will. Good luck!
Aaand scene! There's a lot to unpack here. Let's start with the elephant in the room: Baigan's not a monster. He's just either prudent or a coward, depending on how you want to see it. The Crystals and Fiends are given a more direct link; they're much stronger with the Crystal in question. As in the base game, we're set to go to Toroia, but this time instead of having to be threatened to go, we're a bit more proactive. The Enterprise isn't finished yet, so we don't get an airship this early; however, there's apparently a footpath? Through the 'Misty Mountains'??? I feel like I've seen this mentioned in bad fanfic before... well, I'm sure it won't be as bad as that.

Next time, we'll go through Mist, across the Misty Mountains, to Toroia! Please look foward to it!

Also, if there's anything I could be doing better, do let me know. And feel free to ask any questions you have.
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