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Default Episode 3.1: Jailbreak!

Are you guys ready to play some more Out of this World? 'Cause I know I sure am.

Angus awakens to find himself in a prison cell alongside what appears to be a member of the Bristol rugby club.

Out of this World is all about details, which is what made it so impressive back when it first came out. Here we see that not only are Angus' eyes gradually opening as he comes to, but his pupils are changing size as he attempts to focus on his companion.

Making ol' leatherhead come into focus was also a pretty nifty trick to pull off back in 1992.

As Angus awakens, it becomes clear that he is actually suspended in a cage. Down below, the black-cloaked figure who saved him in the last update removes his outerwear and takes up a patrol underneath the cage. In the background, more of these blocky-headed humanoids are toiling away with pickaxes and such.

Mucking around with the directional buttons provides an interesting result, as Angus can make the cage start swinging back and forth. The guard doesn't notice at first, but if you get a good enough swing on, he comes to investigate.

He fires a warning shot into the air...

...attracting the attention of one of his cohorts, who shows up in the background to investigate.

Say, we're getting some pretty good momentum, here.

CRUNCH. Note that the dark shape you see on the right side of the screen is actually a chunk of the cage that flies into the foreground as it breaks open. Details!

With that, Angus and his strapping buddy (hereafter: Buddy) are freed!

Buddy taps him on the shoulder, points to the right and takes off. What do we do now, folks?

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