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Default Episode 3.3: Lights Out

Originally Posted by falselogic View Post
yup that view from the roof... That is as far as I ever got.


Now, I'm really looking forward to seeign what happens next
Well then, let's do!

While the view upstairs is lovely, it's not getting us out of this alien prison. Let's head down instead.

It's not immediately obvious from the screenshots, but there are actually two levels below the one where we escaped from our cage. We'll call the B1 (left) and B2 (right). Let's check out B1 first. The first thing we see is a locked door. Angus has a long-standing vendetta against locked doors, so he charges up his gun and blows it to smithereens.

Hearing the sounds of door destruction, the guard down below sets up shop by opening the doors he was behind and putting up some shields. Angus has been practicing his guard-shootin', so this guy shouldn't pose much of a problem - let's go take care of him.

Ooh, that didn't go so well. In case it isn't clear from the pictures, that hole connecting the two levels is actually a teleporter. Standing on it and pressing up or down sends Angus zipping Mega Man style to the other level. Fast as this mode of transport may be, it isn't fast enough for Gus to get the drop on the guard. Guess we'll hoof it back to B2.

This floor has a short little deadend populated by a lone guard. Angus brandishes his blaster and calls for pistols at dawn:

Buddy arrives just in time to see the tragic, yet dramatic, outcome of this confrontation. Let's try it again, only with better reflexes!

Much better. With the guard out of the way, the only thing left in the room is a little glowing button. Most curious. When faced with the unknown, Angus does the same thing that any physicist would do: he destroys it!

Normally at this point, Gus would start looking through the debris for some kind of scientific insight. Since he's a little lacking in forensic equipment right now, he merely notes that the energy in the conduit leading upstairs seems to have stopped moving. What could that mean?

Out of options, we head back to B1 to see if things go any differently. Also, to show off this screen capture of the totally sweet door-vaporizing animation:


As before, the guard notices the sound and takes action. This time, however, the set of three locked doors doesn't open automatically, forcing him to blast his way through. Angus and Buddy hoof it to the next screen while the guard is charging.

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