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Originally Posted by Mogri View Post
To attack the monsters, you touch your team members. Since you have a lot of team members -- eventually 32 -- this means that you spend the entirety of the game vigorously rubbing the right half of your device in a manner too similar to masturbation for the irony to be lost on the creators. Once you touch one of your units, he automatically attacks an enemy at random, then returns to position until he fully charges and you touch him again.
So, a refractory period?

Originally Posted by Mogri View Post
ATB had every right to be a decent game. It would have taken just a little love to make something playable with this premise, and "throw every game in the series into a blender" should have been a recipe for an instant win. It took some dedicated effort to turn this into an experience as bland as it is. There's something to be said for that, I suppose: ATB does not settle for garden-variety mediocrity, instead descending into the aggressively abysmal.
I call this anti-talent.
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