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Do folks know about It is a free image host with great features for LPers!

1. You can set it to retain your original filenames. Experimentation shows that if it needs to be 100% unchanged, then the names need to be at most 23 characters (not including the extension).

2. You can upload a batch of images all at once via drag and drop and then you get a single list of forum embed codes for all those images you just uploaded.

Point 2 is a game changer, you don't even need predictable filenames once you have that. Just paste that into a text file and start typing your commentary paragraphs around it.

They don't compress images, and the upload limits are generous when I researched it. No bandwidth limitations AFAIK.

I know Lady has provided a generous alternative, but it is worth making this better known. You may also find it more convenient besides.

Are there any downsides? I only found one: they don't let you create albums yet (and it's probably not coming soon either). I thought this was a major bummer until I realized you basically don't need them. Your "albums" can be a text file where you paste your BBC code from point 2 for safe keeping. And if you want to move images from on album to another, just move those URLs around into different sections of the file. That's way easier than a web interface!
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