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Default part 2/2

As we leave...

Edge: Who's there?

It's Ciriatto, Fiend of Shadow! Like with Scarmiglione before him, if you kill all of the Reapers, he'll start spamming Bio. Interestingly, while we don't have any method of inflicting it, the Reapers can be petrified.

The Reapers will just physically attack, and Ciriatto will occasionally order them all to use RedFeast. Ciriatto also counters attacks with Stop. Once you've trimmed his army down to one, he's easy.

Interestingly, Ciriatto isn't currently undead or anything, so you can use Cecil's Blood Sword on him easily.

And he goes down without much issue.

Now, I know there's a save point and an inn right outside, but...

I'm gonna heal everyone up anyway. Also, my finger slipped and hit the Change option. It'll probably be fine.

On our way out...

Oh no! We've been back attacked! Okay, okay, it'll be fine, everyone's at full--

--oh. Yes, Ciriatto opens up this rematch by setting everybody's HP to critical.

His next attack, DarkHoly, will murder whoever it hits, no questions asked. Even Cecil, who resists Dark, is only taking half that, which is still more than twice his HP.

Next, he calcifies someone, which is the least threatening thing he does.

Then there's a full-party Bio; hope you managed to heal between Angel Song and this!

Then we have Death, which luckily didn't hit whoever he was targeting here.

And finally, he ends with Dark Wave. (Actually he ends with Fight, but I'm not screencapping that.) I'm pretty sure this doesn't actually hurt him like it does Cecil.

Also, he counters all Fight commands with a Fight of his own.

This fight can and will kill you if you aren't prepared. I'm lucky in that Porom learned Cure3 before I got here. Had she not, Bio would be very close to a wipe all on its own; I'm not actually sure how I would've handled it. But with that, you can deal with each attack as it comes (I recommend having Rosa cast Slow, to give you more time). He only has 14000 HP, so before too long...

Ciriatto bites it, for real this time.

With that, we're done here.

Next time, we'll gather all four underworld crystals in one place! What could possibly go wrong? Please look forward to it!
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