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Originally Posted by Kalir View Post

The rest of the map isn't a threat at all, but there is only one scenario in which Peter here doesn't die, and that's if he hits the city in front of him with fire. This damages the grid from the fire damage, but pushes the Leaper into his mech, killing it with the chip damage. But are you seriously expecting me to weigh Peter's life over approximately 150 others?
PSST. This would have been perfectly safe. Fire does't cause grid damage, and the Vulcan Artillery does 0 damage out of the box, so you can fire it at buildings to your heart's content with no penalty (until you give it the +2 damage upgrade, at which point all bets are off). I've done it lots of times! Apparently the folks around here just don't mind being on fire? It's awfully nice of them!
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