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Rather than going right for the reactor mission, I'm going to ease into it and flesh out my grid a bit more.

Oh haaaaay

This one should be easier to get, since it's so close to my mechs and they're only going to perform two easily-disrupted attacks this turn.

Hell, I can even toast the Psion AND block a spawn and still have two Mechs to work with.

There we go. We're now in excellent shape for this mission.

A Spider spawns in next turn, restricing the one mech that can't really do anything about it, which is a shame. Eh, I can work with it.

Let's have the Scarab deal with that egg (although hitting the Spider might've been better)...

And the Meteor Mech can light the one spawn on fire while Camila keeps her mech in check.


Yeah Camila's considered one of the high-tier pilots for a reason. That egg wasn't just wasted, it restricted the Alpha Hornet from doing anything this turn.


I finally get around to dunking this Scarab.

So, one thing that can make your turns much easier, but which is hard to get a feel for, is placing your mechs such that they are more attractive targets for the Vek than the structures. Remember, Vek can't cross water or pass your mechs unless they're flying, and many Vek have pretty low mobility, especially compared to your mechs.

Swap Mech is really gooooood

I did this in the wrong order and I don't care. Mech damage is largely inconsequential.

Really getting into my stride here.

The more scientifically-minded characters, like Isaac, have a lot of their own theories about why the Vek are locked into easily-telegraphed attacks. I like Isaac's theory here, reminds me of that bit about Quick Man constantly running into walls because his visual sensors can't keep up with his speed.

So, another time pod. Let's hope we get another pilot this time.

Noice. Harold Schmidt is one of the fiddlier characters due to his Frenzied Repair, which adds a push effect to all adjacent tiles when he repairs. It's a very strong effect, not least because it's a nondamaging push, which can be really helpful in defending allies. Plus: reactor core skill AND the reactor core from the pod!

Given a second opinion on that whole "fire doesn't hurt structures" thing, I'm going to go right ahead and give the Meteor Mech its Backburn feature. It's rare that this is more attractive than the smoke from the Rocket Artillery, but hey, couldn't hurt.

The other core goes to Camila's Flame Mech, where we boost the range of the Flamethrower.

Okay, let's hit the new mission. This one features hostile bots!

Since we'll need to mitigate the robots without actually hurting them, I'll want Harold up closer than usual so as to use Frenzied Repair.

Like Isaac, Harold is a scientist, but his focus is more on mechanical engineering. He's kind of a "miss the forest for the trees" guy, I'm sure you know what I mean.

This is a frankly phenomenal first turn. That one bot parked itself right in front of the Robotics Lab, making it a perfect defense against anything except a Scarab.
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