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For this mission, we get an allied Freeze Tank, armed with a simple but highly effective Freeze Cannon. The pilot, Fenrir, is one of the possible default pilots you can get, obviously representing Pinnacle. I will try not to get them killed.

Anyway, we start by freezing that bot right there. Once its partner is frozen, we just have to protect both of them.

We can also flatten the Blood Psion on the first turn, before anything appears that threatens us...

And hey, fire damage!

Since the Swap Mech's enjoying Isaac's pilot skill for extra HP, I'm going to put it to use by letting him take the hit while Camila blocks the spawn.

There's a bunch of different bot types, and they can upgrade to mechs much like the Vek have Alpha forms, and they all have very interesting, deadly, and high tech weapons. Very little of this matters because each of them has 1 HP and they are rarely going to be allowed to attack for more than one turn.

Like, this right here. I don't even have to care about the web, I can legit just freeze them from the word go.

The Alpha Hornet is trickier to handle. I want to incapacitate them, but I also want to light the Alpha Spider on fire and keep blocking spawns if at all possible.

The Flame Mech can just, y'know, murder it instantly.

But that doesn't really sit with me.

Yeah, yeah. Okay, let's try this again.

MUCH better. Swap Mech is one of the best mechs in the game, I'm telling you!

And the Alpha Hornet died on top of that, AND Isaac says we can reset again if we need to! (We shouldn't need to.)

That's a little hairy. Those two Hornets by Harold will be tough to handle.

At least we can dispense with the Scorpion easily, adding it to the blockade.

That smoke is a bit awkward there! Would be really nice to hit the Alpha with a rocket.

Here's my solution. Remember, the Flamethrower only does damage if the target is on fire, which the Flame Shielding prevents any of our mechs doing, so this lets us push allies harmlessly at range!

This lets Harold get down here for a nice rocket shot, and Isaac can then displace the other Hornet.

And then the Hornet is the only actual threat next round, too.

Robot-freezing missions are at their most dangerous on the first turn, when you have two hostile targets you can't kill. Some squads will want to avoid these missions outright if they don't have ways to harmlessly displace them. But for squads that can handle them, the Freeze Tank makes them really easy.

Anyway, let's test that theory about the fire damage on structures.

Huh, what do you know? Fire doesn't hurt structures at all! This is very, very good news.

The Reactor core from the mission goes right to the Swap Mech.

This should be a nice easy way to round out the mission set.

We've seen these already from the Mine-Bot mission we first encountered, and this mission just has a ton of the suckers lying around.
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