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We'll move right on to the desert island of R.S.T. At this point, even tackling this island won't change Archive's enemy selection any. So while I could make another heavy meta island decision spoilerpop... nah.

Jessica Kern is literally just Central from Invisible, Inc. but older. This is still a great character, though, so I'm not complaining. She doesn't put any stock in everyone's stories of time travel, but she does put stock in results, which the Flame Behemoths have gotten.

Anyway, here we go. That three-objective mission is a little bit scary for now, since one of the objectives is destroying two mountains, so we'll instead go...

Here. Should be a nice intro to R.S.T. and pave a path towards that other high-rep site.

The psion for this island is still a defensive booster, but in an offensive way. They're kinda hairy for the Flame Behemoths to handle since you can't always control where enemies are when they die, but we've already handled worse with the Blood Psion.

Anyway, let's get to it. That Beetle enemy down there is the run of the mill version of the leader we faced earlier: still has its charge with push and a pretty respectable 4 health, but only does 1 damage and doesn't leave fire behind.

Hey, all right. Shouldn't be anything over there anyway.

The Firefly parks itself on a Sand tile. These disperse into smoke when hit by an attack, like how forests can catch fire.

Also like forests, any Vek in that space need to stay there for the smoke to disrupt their attack. Course, the Rocket Artillery just flattens the thing in one shot, so who cares?

Look at he go.

So there's two elite enemies this time around. The first is the Beetle, which I consider one of the weakest elite enemies. That purple one over there is an Alpha Centipede, which fires a projectile that hits its space and the two adjacent spaces, applying A.C.I.D. after the attack. They're basically souped up Fireflies, so if you find them to be a threat, you are not in any state to handle Centipedes.

This also makes them incredibly hard to stop collateral damage from, since their attack will always affect such a wide area.

That said, even the alphas do low base damage, making bodyblocking a handy tool for any clever pilots.

I have a better plan, though, one that required a reset to make it all work. See, this shot LOOKS safe, right? Only, the beetle is going to charge at where Camila is now, and where she sure as hell won't be this turn, which will throw off its aim and leave the Hornet undamaged.

So instead, she moves over and shifts the Alpha Hornet over a space. Now, the Beetle will reposition the Centipede in such a way that it'll hit the Hornet and nothing else! (Also I'm going to get the Blast Psion bodyslammed because why not.)

The Centipede also poses an additional threat for the Flame Behemoths specifically, since we lack much in the way of direct damage. The A.C.I.D. piles they leave around are more dangerous for us than the enemies most of the time.

Anyway, next turn and an ample demonstration of why Beetles are among the weakest second-tier enemies.

Unlike most CEOs in the game, Kern is loath to give compliments until you damn well earn them.

Abe's much the same way. According to the wiki, he's actually something like a black ops agent for R.S.T. in his original timeline.

The last spawn is a single normal Scorpion, which is just flat pitiful.



Okay done showboating now.

So, because we cleared a mission that awards grid power when we're already at our cap, we instead get a permanent boost to our Grid Defense. This is a nice consolation prize, but not really something to shoot for, since the bonus from this only ever caps out at +25% and scales down as you get more Grid Defense.
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