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Okay, what you got for me? Maybe a better pilot to replace Abe with?


The equipment is Medical Supplies, a passive that prevents pilots from dying should their mechs take lethal damage in a mission. This is one of the things that can make Self-Destruct less of an outright bad idea, but on its own? Nah.

The pilot is Ralph Karlsson, the first pilot players have access to. His unique skill grants him bonus XP on every kill he gets, which means he's great for replacing dead pilots lategame or if you just want to start out new and get your skills quickly, but he is absolutely on the low tier of pilots. Not even considering him.

So yeah uh give me that grid defense I guess.

Even with Abe's disappointing +3 grid defense skill, his Mech Reactor and unique skill make him a fine pilot for the Swap Mech, so I assign Kazaaakpleth to R.S.T. where they will absolutely not be a Vek spy.

Those are some cool guns.

The on-sale weapon is the Unstable Cannon, signature weapon of the Hazardous Mechs' Unstable Mech. It's a Brute-class weapon that starts out dealing a hefty 2 damage and push with its projectile, but the intense backlash of the weapon also pushes the user back and deals them 1 damage. Abe's trait lets him ignore the self-damage, but that's still factoring in that it's a cross-class weapon. Considerable, but not by that much.

Next is the Heavy Artillery, a once per mission Ranged-class weapon that hits a + shape of tiles for 2 damage apiece. That will be a VERY nice replacement for the Rocket Artillery now that the Vulcan Artillery can get its damage boost, so it is bought.

The Burst Beam next to it is a Prime-class weapon, used by the Laser Mech of Zenith Guard. It fires in a straight line, dealing more damage the closer the user is to the target, but the beam does not stop until it hits terrain. Great for killing Vek and structures alike! It's a good weapon, but not what I'm interested in.

And finally, there's Auto-Shields, a passive that applies a shield to a structure after it takes damage. Hell. No.


I had enough reactor cores to do this, too. The Meteor Mech is kind of terrifying now.

Right, that does it for most of the islands. We'll wrap up our tour with Archive, and those of you who have played the game can see why I saved this one for last.
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