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All right, time to tackle the last island in the set. Dewey Alms here comes off as something of an absent-minded professor: like Singh, he's concerned about the safety of his island's inhabitants, but he also cares a lot about the museum-like qualities of the island, and sometimes misses which of the two is the bigger priority.

Anyway, our route for this island looks pretty straightforward. We'll want to hit that three-objective spot, and while we could shortcut across the one-objective easymode map, that sort of undercuts the point.

Plus, this way lets me showcase some of the more interesting terrain hazards we've yet to really see this LP!

Anyway, two new enemy types this island, both second tier. Diggers attack all spaces around them, but if there isn't a legal target there when they queue up their attack, they place boulders around them. This makes them very hard to actually reach and disrupt for most squads. Flame Behemoths aren't one of them, due to the Swap Mech.

We can also see the effect of this island's Shell Psion in play, granting Vek the same armor effect as Abe's innate ability. (For what it's worth, A.C.I.D. would remove this armor.) Not too bad, seeing as we have very few direct attacks. Were it not for the other enemy type and the boss, I'd have gone to Archive much sooner.

So, for this mission, a random area on the map will be targeted for a bombing run by Alms' pilots. This mission is extremely dangerous against enemies who can trap your pilots (or if you're running Frozen Titans) but it's otherwise one of the easier ones.

Because of the attack order involved here, the literal only enemy we have to be concerned with is the Firefly.


Seriously, how do we get these weapons on our mechs?

The next round brings out two of the entire reason I avoided Archive since the first update. Burrowers are similar to Leapers with their movement capabilities, but instead of webbing one target, they attack three tiles at once. Their habits of burrowing underground as soon as they take any damage (canceling their attack but extinguishing fire) and being immune to any movement effects whatsoever make them one of the harshest enemies for the Flame Behemoths to fight. If you want to kill a Burrower, bring high damage. Disrupting them, obviously, isn't hard, but that still only puts off the problem.

I instead use the Smoke Drop we have to cancel the attack of one of them, letting the bombing run handle the other.

Earlier in the run, without our assurances of single-target damage, this would've been a much harder island. But even so, this area's a bit easier with the jets.

While we can't reliably kill Burrowers, especially Alphas, in one turn, fire damage does at least scare them underground, which is often all that's necessary.

I like Swap Mech

They'll be back and not on fire, but still, that'll keep them from attacking at least.


Oh, that's a bit awkward. That's quite a few more webs than I wanted.

Thankfully, Harold's Frenzied Repair comes to the rescue! This lets him free both Abe and himself.

Camila can go down and toast the major threats there (the Burrower would attack before the Leaper, so the teamkill would be too costly).

And Abe can go save Camila from the dangerous spot she was in.

Not too bad.

Dewey Alms has been responsible for at least one of my pilots' deaths.

Time for a simpler mission. The layout here could easily have been a Pinnacle mission, honestly.

Anyway there is water, so Swap Mech will go to it.

And a Time Pod shows up, not that it should be a problem.
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