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I doubt there are any survivors, but the gesture is appreciated.

With the Burrower's shield gone and the structures' other shields holding, we're out of the worst of it here.

This Digger literally just spawned in because I guess they all missed the memo that they're supposed to be in missions here. We will introduce it to the concept of rocket science.

And that should do it.

Not a great mission, but considering we've had no casualties since the first island, I'll take it.

And hey, we handled the mission flawlessly against the odds.

No new gear, but honestly we're doing just fine with what we have.

Time for one last big guy!

Camila gets the last reactor core she will ever need.

While Abe gets a second dose of shield nonsense.

Let's do this.

The Psion Abomination applies the Psion effects of everything we've seen save the Shell Psion. It's arguably one of the two most dangerous bosses for the Flame Behemoths to face (the other one is a much rarer Pinnacle-exclusive leader).

We saved it for last for a reason.

The secret defense of the Psion Abomination is that it doesn't attack. You still have to mitigate every other attack out there, and from extra-deadly Vek, but with the Abomination not personally doing anything to threaten you, it's easy to write it off as a lower priority.

Camila immediately puts her new +2 HP to use to solve that problem before it escalates.

I am SO GLAD I learned that structures are immune to fire.

Still standing, jerk!

Harold baits out two attacks and prepares to kill the boss and a second enemy with the Heavy Artillery. GOOD TURN

Camila gets revenge.

Right, this mission should be in the bag at this point.

Given the low health of the Leaper, we can focus more on the Burrower and on spawn-blocking.


I did not know that shielded units that are on fire still take fire damage, so I wished to employ science to find out.

Worst case scenario, I waste maybe one of the shields.

No yeah I was right and we're fine.
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