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Also I don't even have to do anything about most of the Vek this turn. SHIELD ARRAY IS PRETTY GOOD YOU GUYS.

Right, that should do it.

I don't need to do this, but I want to.


Please do, half the map is on fire and the other half is shielded. It'll be a blast.

There's a reason I saved this island for last, but damn did it ever pay off.

Right, what you got for me?


Networked Armor is gear that gives all mechs +1 HP (or +2 if you upgrade it). There are some squads who could use it, ours is not one of them.

The pilot is Chen Rong, who brings his innate skill of a free 1 space move after acting and a leveled skill of +2 mech HP to the table. Sure, why not.

Have fun at the museum!

Lots of neat toys here, none of which we will want.

The on-sale A.C.I.D. Tank is one of the deployable tank units you can get. This is a once per mission action that launches a fourth, weaker unit onto the field, which is enough on its own to be handy most of the time. In the case of the A.C.I.D. Tank, it shoots A.C.I.D. at targets! That's about it! We will not need this.

Next up is the Push Beam, a once per mission Science-class weapon that pushes everything in a straight line. I would like to try it sometime, but that's not going to be this run.

Following that is the Ice Generator, usable by any mech to freeze itself and all adjacent tiles. The Shield Array already does anything I would want the Ice Generator to do but better.

Lastly, there's the Storm Generator, normally found on the Rusting Hulks' Rocket Mech. Any Smoke tiles on the map gain the power to deal electric damage to Vek each turn! We have no ways of generating Smoke after we donated the Smoke Drop.

None of these are outright bad, but I also don't really need any of them. So instead we buy up reactor cores and grid power.

Chen's lack of experience means he loses Abe's +1 reactor power, so one goes there for sure. The others go to Harold and his array of deadly cannon's.

And that's it!

Given how well this run went, I may do another playthrough (4 island hard, of course) after this even if we clear the Volcanic Hive. Let me know if there's interest!
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