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The island splits right open, dragging the fight below into the caverns.

So, uh... now what?

We're at THE Vek hive, by the way. If we can kill this, that should put a stop to their attack. But how do we do that?

That could work.

Here we go, then.

First: this area will also have alternating terrain threats, starting with cave-ins. Anything on those tiles will be dead by GM fiat.

Second: Chen's personality is kind of bland, near as I can tell. They're a clever tactician and considerate of their team, but that's about it. Oh well!

Two new enemies in this batch and a hell of a mess to clean up. The Hornet Leader attacks three tiles in a row, although still for just two damage. The bubbly squid thing is an Alpha Blobber, the last second-tier enemy. Like Spiders, they spawn in minions to attack for them; unlike Spiders, these minions just explode immediately rather than being eggs that web nearby things and hatch into weaklings.

As before, we'll want to abuse the deadly environment as much as possible.


Okay, hit the blob first, THEN the Crab.

Like Spiderlings, Blobs have only a single hit point, but unlike Spiderlings, the Alpha versions actually do more damage.

Much better, this should make this far more workable. You REALLY want at least one mech blocking a spawn on turn 1 of this area.


The Psion Tyrant makes another appearance.

And we get next turn's environmental threat, as the hive itself tries attacking our mechs. This is especially bad news for Harold, as I'm sure you can tell.

Our first order of business is to get him freed up, although there are a few ways I could do this. This is the least efficient one, but it does let the Scorpion attack the Firefly, so I'll take it.

Long as we soften them up first, we should be able to keep things in check.

Camila handles the Blob, leaving the Psion and Blobber intact, which is annoying but also not immediately deadly.

Like so. Remember, mech health isn't as important as grid power!

And the tiles targeted by the hive are gone, which includes the spawn Chen blocked last round. That's why those are important.

At least that worked out okay.

Next round brings even more Fun with the Scorpion and a brand new Firefly focusing down one set of pylons far away from where I can do anything about it, and the Psion Tyrant continuing to just go to space.

Harold and Camila deal with the Blobber and Beetle, and Chen prepares another shield charge.

Whatever you say, buddy.

That didn't take long.
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