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At least the shield blocked one attack, so the Firefly's second attack didn't fly through and hit a second pair of pylons.

Provided the bomb remains intact through this turn, we win. 3 grid power isn't great with how many attacks are out there, but we'll figure this out.

We'll start with this to kill off one threat and severely injure another. The entire lower half of the map is inconsequential due to shields.

Camila can throw off that other Beetle.

And one last Shield Array takes us home.


Big talk. What are you gonna do, bomb them?

Also yeah an entire column gets eaten by Vek. Do note that if the bomb is destroyed, the victory timer resets as they deploy another one. Don't let that happen!

Right, time to peace out to a new timeline!

Each pilot you take into this mission gets a different line.

They all have their own outlooks on this, but at the end of the day, this is a successful mission.

Who knows about the nature of the various timelines, but at least this one is safe.


Yeah don't stick around for this!

If you thought the light show in there was impressive...

Wait until you see it...

From orbit.

And that does it!

We beat Into the Breach! Not a bad score for a 4 island Hard mission, although that start on Detritus rocked us a bit.

Anyway, while we've seen people wanting to see more of Chen, and he will carry over the skills and experience he gained this playthrough, we're not restricted to them. We can see any pilot we have unlocked, which is to say any pilot. I'll go with Chen unless people go NAH HE SUCKS GET US ANOTHER GUY.

As far as squads go, we've seen people wanting to check out Frozen Titans, Steel Judoka, and Rusting Hulks, so if you want to support one of those and haven't yet, GET ON THAT
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