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Default BEEP! BOOP! BOOP! Popularity Contest #3: Top Fifty Robots

Looks like my choice one this time, so I'm in charge of the next Top Fifty voting thread and that means the wonderful Mechanical-Man is the subject of our democratically established listing of Most Best Robot.

Loki and I are collaborating on this one because he's as kind as I am handsome, and he's also handling the spread-sheeting. You have until August 15, 2015 to PM Loki a list of up to 25 of your favorite Wonderful Robotic Pals. Your first place choice will be worth 25 points, second place is worth 24 and so forth. I'm going to distribute points equally regardless of how many you vote for, this time, so if you just vote for ROM Spaceknight, then ROM Spaceknight is taking 25 points.

As he should.

Things were starting to get a bit real in the Vote-for-What-We're-Voting-For thread, so I'm going to play it fast and loose for what does and does not constitute a robot. Listen to your heart, and if your heart says it is a Robot, then it must be so. I'm not going to disqualify an entry just because of ROBO PREDJUDICE

That being said, my personal rules are;
Sentient AIs count as robots, so long as they show some degree of personality (such as Skynet, HAL, A.M. and SHODAN).

Cyborgs count as robots, so long as they are more machine than human (such as Robocop, Darth Vader or Agent Jensen)

Golems count, only if they are animated by machinery rather than magic (such as The Tin Man)

And those are the STRICT REQUIREMENTS you must follow if you want to vote for robots. It's exactly what George Washington had in mind when he invented democracy.

Edit: and we are done accepting nominees. If you didn't get your list submitted TOUGH BEANS

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