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<Alex> I have the Black Orb with me. We'll set sail as soon as our gracious hosts arrive here.
<Kraden> Yes, but first the lighthouse has to be lit.
<Alex> Hm... that's peculiar. The only ones who could've followed them up would be Isaac's group, and take it from me: they don't stand a chance.
<Jenna> I hope Felix is okay.

Okeydoke, we all know how this part goes.

Venus Lighthouse's light causes major earthquakes...

Up there, Felix and Sheba are currently falling off...

And on our side of things, we get stranded.

Goodbye, Skippy!

This scene is identical to the post-credits scene in the first game, of course. You can go see the last update of the previous LP, or you can not. Either way, I'm assuming you did. Good? Good.

Nothing really meaningful that we don't already know gets said here, so let's skip ahead just a bit further.

<Jenna> Oh, good! You're awake!
<Alex> Hello again... Sheba, was it? So rude of my companions to not even properly introduce us.
<Sheba> Where are we?
<Kraden> The peninsula of Idejima, although "peninsula" isn't quite accurate anymore. The tremors from the lighthouse dislodged Idejima from the mainland, and you must've been swept out far enough to wash on its shore.
<Sheba> Okay... wait, is Felix--
<Jenna> He's alive.
<Sheba> Good... good. He tried to save me, you know.
<Alex> Save you?
<Sheba> Twice. Once from those two, Saturos and Menardi, and once again, when I fell off the side of the lighthouse during the quake. He dived right off the side after me.
<Jenna> He did WHAT?! Oh, I'm going to kill him for being so reckless!
<Kraden> I think enough things have tried to kill the poor boy for today, Jenna.
<Alex> So he defied Saturos and Menardi? Interesting...

<Jenna> Wait... gone?
<Sheba> Another group came there to try to rescue me. Their leader was named Isaac, I'd met them before in Tolbi.
<Alex> You mean to tell me Isaac and his partners actually slew Saturos and Menardi? Did Felix aid them?
<Sheba> No, he just focused on keeping me safe. He didn't raise his sword to them at all.
<Kraden> Well, that's an incredible relief, isn't it? Even if they were trying to do good things in the end, they were still vile people through and through.
<Jenna> Maybe now we can finally go home.
<Felix> Mmmmngh...

So, just as in the first game, Felix serves the role of player avatar, and loses the ability to speak, in what is perhaps the worst usage of the silent protagonist mechanic I have ever seen. Remember, he spoke in the last game (and was a prat outside of my edits). And likewise, Isaac will speak in this game (and will be a prat outside of my edits). I'm just going to ignore all of that, same as before.

The conversation here in the original implies that Felix literally swam out to Idejima with Sheba. I'm just going to leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out all the ways in which that is stupid, and work on characters instead.

<Felix> Where... Ah. Idejima.
<Alex> Correct. Sheba's informed us of your noble deeds, of course.
<Felix> Sheba made it, then? Good.
<Jenna> And Saturos and Menardi are finally gone! We can go home at last, Felix!
<Felix> ...I don't think we can.
<Sheba> We are sort of stuck here.
<Felix> No, I mean--
<Alex> Hold that thought.

Is it an island?

Everyone goes over to have a look...

Hooray, a new continent!

Prior to this, it's (probably) assumed that all the maps on Angara mostly cover itself and the nearby continent of Gondowan, with everything else as "there be dragons". Sheba even says in this conversation that nobody knows what lies beyond the Eastern Sea, which later gets contradicted by Kraden (correctly) saying there's no more lighthouses in the Eastern Sea. I'll just save you all the trouble and just say that down there is the continent of Indra, correlating loosely to India as separated from Eurasia during the Pangaea nonsense. Probably. I don't know, I'm not a geologist.

Anyway, time for shenanigans. We're going to pass north of Indra, which makes its discovery fairly pointless overall.

Not to worry, though.

<Sheba> Is that one giant wave?
<Kraden> Oh no. It must be a tidal wave, caused by Venus Lighthouse.
<Felix> That can't be THAT dangerous, can it?
<Alex> Oh, I wouldn't be so sure. Back in Imil, there were records of waves almost as tall as the lighthouse, they called them tsunamis. Quite fascinating, really, apparently the bulk of the damage to the lighthouse was done by one of them. Probably caused a lot of damage to the coastline, too.
<Sheba> And you're saying something that dangerous is coming right for us?!
<Alex> It's amazing. This is the kind of power that only the combined forces of Mercury and Venus could unleash.

<Alex> Oh, I've never really seen the use in panicking, honestly.
<Jenna> I don't know if you've figured it out, but if that thing hits--
<Alex> When, not if.
<Jenna> You are NOT HELPING!
<Felix> Forget it, guys! Get back into the caves and take cover!

Now, from a narrative standpoint, this is a little unneccesary. If we were going to end up on Indra anyway, why not just crash Idejima right into Indra directly, rather than wasting time with the tidal wave? This, however, does serve both an immediate purpose and a bit of scene-setting for the start of the game. So hey, tidal wave's all right by me.

If nothing else, it gives us this scene, which I will present in screenshots only.


Next Time: Neville Longbottom and the First of Many Detours
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