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So in order to upload my screenshots from this game, I need an Internet connection. As these write-ups right now happen, I don't really have one I can rely on. In the time between uploads, I'm spending a lot of time playing Dark Dawn, the Golden Sun game for the DS. I'm also keeping a journal of it, more concise and less editor-y than these LP updates. I don't think it'll burn me out too badly on this though, since half the appeal here is giving the story from these two games enough attention that they'll become actually good rather than merely bland and self-contradictory.

Anyway, let's fast forward through all of this here.

For every person we don't go up and personally talk to, they'll show up if we try to leave Idejima and complain at us. I'm not gonna allow for that, though.

In this game, as mentioned somewhere, Kraden joins our party, but does not fight and serves as an advisory role. Note that this isn't "advisory" as in the Persona series, where his insight will allow us field data and advantages, but instead will allow for more text boxes. Cut them some slack, operator-style characters weren't in vogue yet.

Hey Sheba. That looks kinda fatal. You okay?

She's okay.

Sheba and Felix both share class sets with characters from the prior game: namely, Sheba's Wind Seer and assorted sets match Ivan's completely, and Felix starts as a Squire just like Isaac. Felix's equipment selections are also identical to Isaac's, making stats the only real difference between the two. I think Felix is a bit on the heavier side overall, but it's not a major difference either way.

Sheba, on the other hand, wields maces instead of light blades, giving her a different set of equipment to play with than Ivan. I rather like the equipment selections of the party at this point in the game, where just about any weapon you find will have a good owner, but later on Sheba's weapon selection becomes a strict downgrade thanks to the complete lack of maces in the Golden Sun series.

Image unrelated, where Sheba can equip the Shaman's Rod for a marginal attack boost. Remember the Shaman's Rod? We have it now. Expect it to be useless for 98% of the game.

Looking up and down the island, Alex is nowhere to be seen.

Kraden posits this theory, which gets the party out as a group to discuss it.

<Kraden> So it would only stand to reason that he'd go looking for a ship to reach the Western Sea, and in turn, the other two lighthouses with.
<Felix> He should've waited for us. He can't light the lighthouses remaining without Jenna or Sheba.
<Jenna> Felix, don't tell me you still want to work with him?
<Felix> The lighthouses do need to be lit, Jenna.
<Jenna> Says who? You only have the word of Saturos and Menardi, and in case it passed your notice, they ordered you to kidnap your own sister!
<Felix> They also saved my life.
<Sheba> Wait, hang on. Didn't Isaac and his group say that lighting the lighthouses would destroy Weyard?
<Jenna> See?! I'm far more inclined to trust Isaac than those kidnappers.
<Kraden> Well, I wasn't able to conduct as much research as I'd like under those two, but I've seen data that supported both outcomes. If only I was back in my library at Tolbi...
<Sheba> You're from Tolbi?
<Kraden> Yes, I'm one of Lord Babi's scholars researching Alchemy.
<Sheba> You work for my earlier kidnapper, then.
<Kraden> Well...
<Jenna> Wait, what?
<Felix> Sheba was being held hostage by Lord Babi to ensure that Lalivero completed his lighthouse. I don't know how long ago that started, but I can safely say that Kraden has been in Vale all of my life, and I don't think he'd condone such behavior.
<Kraden> It's a moot point anyway, although I thank you for speaking on my behalf. Until we find a way to the Western Sea, we're strangers in a strange land. We don't have the means or the data to act further on the remaining lighthouses, nor do we have a good way to return home, either to Vale or Lalivero.
<Jenna> So what do you think we should do?
<Felix> I'm still going to find Alex. We need all the help we can get, and if he's going to find a ship, that's something we'll need too, if only to get back home. I won't force anyone to come with me, either. As of right now, you're all free to do as you will.
<Sheba> I'm going with you.

<Felix> Jenna's right, Sheba. It might be better for you to stay at the first town we see until we find a ship.
<Sheba> You jumped off of a lighthouse to save me, even when you barely knew who I was. And if you do think lighting the lighthouses is the right thing to do, you still need me. I'm sticking with you, and that's that.
<Felix> If you're sure, I won't stop you. How about you two?
<Kraden> I'd also like to meet up with Alex again. I've too many questions to ask him. I assure you, Sheba, that I will do nothing to harm you during our travels.
<Sheba> I guess I don't have a choice but to put up with you for now.
<Jenna> Well if you three are going together, I guess I'm in. Someone needs to keep you all from getting into more trouble, and I don't trust Alex any further than I can throw him.
<Felix> Then we'll put the lighthouses on hold for a while until we learn more. We'll try to find Alex, or Isaac's team if we can, and try to find a boat to make it either home or to the lighthouses once we have more info. Sounds fair to everyone?
<Sheba> I can live with that. If nothing else, I'll be traveling the world, and I'll be with you.
<Felix> Glad to hear it. Let's get going.
So, in the original, barely any information about how everyone feels about the state of things gets passed around. First, Sheba's motivations for traveling are... well, they're touched on, but badly. She basically goes on about "its my destiny" and then refuses to elucidate even a little bit further. The lighthouses are mentioned in that there aren't any more on the Eastern Sea, but no mention is made of where they are or how best to cross to the Western Sea. Jenna and Kraden are now basically speaking in favor of doing the exact thing their kidnappers were doing without any kind of exposition on what made them change their minds. In other words, we're not only dropped into a completely alien land, but into an alien land and a party of complete ciphers who seem to have no concrete motivations. There's a lot of talk about unrelated elements like boats and destiny, but nothing actually usable.

So my edits, as you can see, changed to focus on the characters. Felix still wants to light the lighthouses despite all, but has a few reservations post-Isaac. Jenna just wants to go right home, but will settle for ruining Alex's plans first. Kraden and Sheba are both more or less neutral on the lighthouses, but their differing views on Babi put them at odds. In short, they're a tangled mess of motives working together only because the alternative is being stranded in a foreign wilderness alone.

Off we go, into the wild unknown!

We now have access to a much wider, full map of all of Weyard than we did last game. As you can see, we're on the northern tip of Indra, a bit east of Gondowan. Southeast of it is Osenia (Australia).

Here's Angara, where most of the first game took place. We will not be traveling back to any Angaran locations from the first game for the duration of this game.

Over here we have Hesperia (North) and Atteka (South). You might recall the Shaman's Rod as the rod of Hesperia. I think I might've gotten these two mixed up in my older LP, but whatever.

Finally, this is the Eastern Sea, where we will be spending most of this game doing pointless side tasks. I think calling them "quests" overstates their importance a bit.

We don't get more than a kilometer before running into the first town.

Indra will be mostly themed after India, except when it isn't.

There's a few things of note in Daila here, but not many. Nobody bats an eye at us having surfed in via peninsula, they're all too busy dealing with the aftermath of the tidal wave. A few kids have gone missing, there's seawater all over, etc.

There's no boats here that survived, and I kind of doubt they had anything suitable for things beyond fishing excursions, so Madra is our next suggested place. It's at the south of Indra.

For immediate destinations, we are suggested to go to the Kandorean Temple nearby, and warned away from the Shrine of the Sea God. There's no real curse that would be a danger there, but it also isn't possible to do anything useful there right now.

Yes. Hi. Welcome to the Lost Age.

This isn't where we need to go to progress, strictly speaking. To reach Madra, we need to cross the Dehkan Plateau, but for that, we need the Psynergy granted by Master Poi. Just like the other temples headed by Masters, it's Psynergy but not actually Psynergy except it's totally Psynergy.

Want that thing, can't get it, it's not even important right now, whatever.

Time to start loading up on Djinn!
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