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Right, our next step is to go to an actual city and get actual info. Sort of. But first, a side thing for a Djinni.

Riki and Tavi, the two boys who got lost following the tidal wave, are in here.

One of them got stuck on the upper cliff, and his buddy is trying to find a way to get him down.

When the two go off to find alternate routes, we use Lash to get a path up there.

This saves the kids, while Kraden acts as our mouthpiece. He does this a lot, because Camelot is committed as HELL to that silent protagonist thing.

The kids almost go chase a Djinni, but instead decide that not starving to death is a better plan.

This leaves it to us to do the job.

As the series progresses, Djinn that flee in the field outside of fights are more common, leading to a puzzle where you chase them around trying to disrupt them.

This one isn't very hard, though.

It's kind of cute and creative.

Here's the only actual puzzle element for this guy.

Cut off the escape route with the torch, then approach.

Not a very dangerous fight here either.

Have a Djinni, Sheba.

There's nothing useful for us if we try to continue, but we'll be back after we get someone who can cast Frost.

Next up is the route out of here, southeast of everything else.

The tidal wave's responsible for making the Dehkan Plateau here very unstable. The cracked ground has three levels: barely there, drops you down a floor, and hole you just jump over.

Stepping on tier 1 upgrades it to tier 2.

The fall doesn't hurt you, but it does show they actually made Felix look like he's falling rather than just Goomba-stomping like Isaac was.

Hey look a completely normal set of armor.

Jenna picks up another Psynergy type to separate herself from Garet, namely the Beam Psynergy.

Much like the floor, the pillars in the Dehkan Plateau are not-at-all stable. First jump is fine...

But the second jump results in dropping completely safely onto the ground and not being impaled by shards of rock.


In a few cases, falling down is required to progress, while in others it's just a mild setback. It's kind of the same deal as the Tret dungeon in the first game, just expanded upon.
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