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The puzzle within is perfunctory, but the tablet is definitely worth paying attention to.

Tablets like these are strewn all throughout Weyard.

And written on each one...

Is information for a new kind of summon.

You begin the game with access to the same 16 summons you had in the last game, provided you can field the 1-4 Djinn of the element needed. These tablets provide dual-element summons, requiring two types of Djinni in varying numbers. Zagan is one of the simplest, requiring a mere single Djinni for Mars and Venus. These summons calculate their attacks from both elements, have some additional effects on enemies or your team, and provide boosts to both elements when summoned, making them considerably more valuable for parties not composed of single-element classes. I still likely won't bother for the most part.

Here's the town of Madra, we'll get to it in a bit. Right now, we want to wander around in this forest for reasons.

They're still doing this. This is a good place to tell players this sort of thing will happen, but the mechanic is still bad, and Weyard is so huge that testing every possible location on the world map for Djinn is awful.

You're a Knight now, Felix.

Madra is the first real town with things to do, comparable perhaps to Vault or Bilibin.

Unlike either town, they drag you into the plot from the word go. And unlike the first game, I won't be forcing myself into failed detours towards the actual objective this game, because there are none the game is plenty long as it is.

Anyway, the guards quickly let us through after confirming we're not Cham, and... hang on. Lemme just get the actual info from the town real quick like and summarize it.

  • Madra was hit by the tidal wave, although not as badly as most other towns since it's on the south coast. Unfortunately, being basically landlocked, they have no boats, and any boats they did have didn't survive the tidal wave.
  • However, shortly after the tidal wave, the town was attacked by the pirates of Champa, a nation on the northern end of the Eastern Sea. They did a two-pronged attack, relying on a tunnel through previously-undiscovered ruins, to raid what they could from Madra.
  • While most of the pirates got away, the Madran guard did discover a mysterious stranger on the boat we passed just north of here, and took him in on the assumption he was one of the pirates. Some sailors in town note that his boat doesn't look a thing like the boats of Champa.
  • The mayor and his son here trust that this stranger isn't a pirate, but they have an angry town seeking justice hounding them to do something about him. They are currently heading east to the continent of Osenia to speak with the mayor of Alhafra for aid, and to follow the trail of the pirates.
  • The stranger was stripped of his possessions, among them a mysterious Black Orb not unlike the one Menardi sailed her ship with. However, as it's held in mayoral custody, we can't get it without either condemning or exonerating the stranger.
  • Indra being locked between Osenia and Gondowan is new and confusing, but the only major threat aside from the Cham pirates are the warrior tribes within Gondowan. They haven't attacked Madra yet, but now that doing so only requires land travel, they're a more tempting target.

While we CAN explore the ruins now, our ability to do things there is pretty limited, at least for the moment.

The leader of the pirates of Champa is named Briggs, but little else is known about them right now.

The item saleswoman is currently in bed suffering from flashbacks of the Cham attack.

The inn holds some explorers, including a few former Colosso competitors gearing up for the next competition.

Artifact hat, only equippable by the girls, doubles as a healing ring. Got it? Good.

This house is way the hell more important than it looks (i.e. identical to every other house here). First off, this guy muses about the possible cause of the tidal wave.

Second off, he has a Djinni in his attic and gives us zero indication of how to get it.

Third, he thinks that if you use a trident, you can kill the beast. This is not only extremely important and relevant, it is also about as much info on this as you'll get for most of the game. Camelot.

Anyway, let's go meet the prisoner, since this is how we advance the plot.

This is Piers, our Mercury Adept for the game. He will not be joining or acknowledging us now, because jail.

He's not from Champa, he's from a secret place of myth in the Eastern Sea. If you read the LP for the last game you probably can guess where he means.

Anyway, his cage-rattler is angry as hell that his girlfriend the item saleswoman got injured in the attack and is taking it out on him.

Piers is innocent and sympathetic, but even he only has so much patience.

A few more taunts later, and he retaliates.
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