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Just in case you missed all the townsfolk dialogue: Piers is a Mercury Adept.

Shin runs off like a punk while Piers just closes his eyes in regret.

Needless to say, this freaks out his non-Adept buddy.

Anyway, you'd think at this point we'd go talk to Piers, get his side of the story, find out that boat is his, maybe even make a deal with him, right? We've had precedent for party members joining for less (Ivan).

But no, here Piers barely acknowledges you. So as with Sheba before, let's give him a conversation.

First though: note that he has something he urgently has to do. We will not learn what that is until a good hour or so after he already has done it off-camera.

<Piers> Wait a moment... Are you using Psynergy?
<Sheba> Yes. As were you a moment ago, right?
<Piers> I am sorry about that. I lost my temper.
<Jenna> Hey, I'd have done the same thing in your shoes. So what's your story?
<Piers> Well, despite their claims, I'm not a pirate, and I've never so much as seen that man's girlfriend. I'm just an explorer from... well, again, you wouldn't believe me if I told you.
<Kraden> Fair enough. So you were wrongly imprisoned, then?
<Piers> Yes. The mayors of this town are on my side, but the townsfolk, as you can see, are angry. They want someone to punish, even if they're not Cham. And to them, my powers must just give them more reason to fear me.
<Felix> I... know what you mean. In any case, my name's Felix, this is Jenna, Sheba, and Kraden. And we came to ask a favor of you.
<Piers> Happy to meet you. My name is Piers, but what could a prisoner possibly have to offer you?
<Jenna> Well, you're a sailor, right? And that ship north of town is yours?
<Piers> I'm not giving you my ship, if that's what you're asking.
<Jenna> No no. We just want a ride, that's all. If we help break you out, can you get us where we need to go?
<Piers> Hm... I see no harm in that. But I don't want to hurt innocent people, not when I can prove I am not guilty. I think the easiest way to do this would be to get the pirates to admit that I'm not among their crew.
<Kraden> That might be difficult. We don't know where they even are right now, and even if we did, I doubt that'd mollify the townsfo--
<Sheba> We'd be happy to get the pirates to vouch your innocence.
<Piers> Then it's a deal. If you can do that, I'll sail you to wherever you need once I'm free.
<Felix> Great. You stay safe, and try not to antagonize any more of the villagers here.
<Piers> Very well.

Ordinarily, if you mind read him, he notices the Psynergy but shrugs it off as you're not of his people. This is a TERRIBLE excuse and you really need a proper conversation here between Piers and the party, but it just doesn't happen.

The townsfolk outside are getting antsy about their prisoner, who can apparently start fights without leaving his cell.

Anyway, time for the dumbest drawbridge yet. So the last time, there were all pseudo-reasons to block progress forward: Babi keeping us in Tolbi until we do what he wants, the lay of the land requiring new Psynergy, or a curse preventing people from leaving.

Here, passage from Indra to Osenia is blocked for reasons unknown.

And for reasons just as unknown, we're prevented from actually going there until we see this scene by visiting Piers. The only justification for granting travel to the four of us is that the mayor's wife thinks we have kind eyes.

They don't even need to have this as a roadblock if they just let you skip entering Madra, which is totally feasible if you just stop in for an inn stay and a weapons upgrade. All they'd lose is the meeting with Piers, which as written normally? You lose out on basically nothing but an introduction for a character who doesn't have any bearing on anything whatsoever for a few hours. There's no political reason to block passage to Osenia either; if it was Gondowan it'd make sense, but the closest towns to Madra in Osenia are all on good, or at least neutral, terms with them. And that drawbridge doesn't even need to exist if Indra isn't in physical contact with Osenia, which happened maybe two days ago, tops.

Get better at blocking progression, Camelot.

Next Time: Neville Longbottom and the Mayor's Journey
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