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While we can explore the catacombs under Madra this early,

We get walled off pretty quickly by a door requiring Reveal. We learn it much faster in the Lost Age than in the original, but still not fast enough.

Screw this place.

Next up, Osenia!

Like Bilibin in the first game, this is another instance where we can go the "wrong" way first, with the only real wall for progression being a difficult encounter. I will be doing this, but I won't be able to defeat the encounter this time, not least because I'm on Hard Mode.

Here's where the Champan ship landed, but got totaled during the tidal wave. Needless to say, it's nothing like the Lemurian ship used by Adepts.

Sword! Jenna gets it.

Yep, true. This is about all the evidence one would need for that, but angry townsfolk. This is one instance where I accept the easy solution of jumping right past the plothole as being impossible.

The Pirate's Sword unleash is inordinately fancy and inflicts sleep, making it by far the best early-game weapon.

For reasons, the bridge to Alhafra is broken and will be repaired long after we stop caring. To reach Alhafra, we need to go through the Yampi Desert.

In theory, the encounters here might discourage players from trying it and have them explore the rest of Osenia, down towards Mikasalla. But Mikasalla is, to put it plainly, useless and boring. So instead, desert.

This place has neither sandstorms nor mirages to ruin our day, just these weird wooden/stone (?) stakes.

Guardian Ring! It gives passive stat boosts. Okay.

On an ordinary file, the encounters of the Yampi Desert are basically harmless. Here, though, emus are exactly as dangerous as they are in real life.


With this in mind, I start actually using strategy in my explorations of Osenia. I use Psynergy for tough fights but try not to overextend, use Sheba's higher agility for spot healing with Herbs, still never bother with the useless Defend command, etc.

Once more unto the breach.

Here's the Madran mayors. They don't get names and matter precisely dick-all to the overall story, putting them on par with most characters in Golden Sun that get more screentime than they need.

The basic thing is that the older mayor knows enough about the Yampi Desert that he could find a way ahead, but he wants to let his son, the mayor-in-training, navigate the desert himself. Look at how little I care.

The path ahead is over here. We can't access it because shovels don't exist.

So for this area, the way to get the Djinni is to be psychic. You need to Pound the stakes in, but ONLY the ones that let you past. Pounding the wrong ones cuts off your jumping path to the Djinni, and it's impossible to tell at first glance which is which.

Let's just skip ahead to the part where I do that.

Since the Shaman's Rod hurts about as much as an unsoaked pool noodle and the Djinni resists all of Sheba's Psynergy, I'm gonna have her just go with item spam.

I saved beforehand. Screw you.

The second time, their flee attempt fails just as arbitrarily as ours do. Blitz here does a stun attack thing and upgrades Sheba to Magician but whatever maaaaaan

Nearly to the area boss, which is appropriately encountered halfway through the area.
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