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This group arrives, with the old guy saying he feels like he could walk 500 more. Okay.

Just to remind y'all, if they bring in Briggs, they can get the truth about Piers out of him, and also all that stuff they stole from Madra.

And since their boat was destroyed, and there's only one boat left in Alhafra that's not sunk (not really viable to sail, it's just still floating), guess what they're doing here.

They go off to meet the mayor of Alhafra and we can safely forget about them for a while.


Yes, Alex is straight up just chilling at the inn here, and just like Sheba in the first game, he is a completely missable encounter with zero bearing on what actually happens. He only speaks to Felix, and the rest of the party doesn't get out to address him. Guess what I'm doing here.

<Jenna> Oh, NOW we find you! Thanks for ditching us, you creep!
<Alex> My, wherever could this hostility come from?
<Felix> Ease up a bit, Jenna. Why didn't you stay with us, Alex?
<Alex> I thought having us spread out a bit might help us accomplish our task a bit faster, that's all. After the tidal wave hit, I took a bit of time to make sure you were all in decent shape, and then struck out to learn where we were.
<Kraden> I suppose you've ended up here in search of a working boat, just as we have?

<Sheba> Really? I haven't seen any places around here that would be able to buy anything as valuable as a boat.
<Alex> Places, no. Factions, on the other hand... well, the pirates of Champa got a lot of money out of Madra.
<Kraden> What scoundrels! Why didn't you do anything to stop them?
<Alex> I didn't find it worth my time, honestly. With just me, it would be easy to stow away on the ship, regardless of the owner. I would've gone with that ship on the coast of Indra, I'm sure you saw it, but apparently the owner of that vessel is... indisposed.
<Jenna> And you didn't do anything to break him out, either.
<Alex> Oh, I offered, in passing. But he refused, if you'd believe it. Said he didn't want to hurt anyone there. I couldn't understand why he'd feel so charitably towards people who wrongly imprisoned him, but I'm not like your former captors. If he wanted to stay jailed up, that's his business, not mine.
<Jenna> And he's of no use to you. Piers is a Mercury Adept, and that lighthouse is already lit. And you're fine with abandoning people you find useless?
<Alex> You're putting a lot of words in my mouth.
<Sheba> Hm...

I just want to point out that you can ATTEMPT Mind Read on him, but it doesn't work, he just cuts you off. But that's not as exciting as...

<Sheba> Wait, how did you know? And you blocked it, too?
<Alex> I value my privacy, and that's all I have to say on that. Now, to business. Felix, you still intend to light the lighthouses, correct?
<Felix> Yes, I do.
<Jenna> Don't we get a say in this at all? Sheba and I are the only ones here who can even do it, y'know!
<Alex> Of course. Well, in light of Saturos' death, the role of commander for this operation, so to speak, falls to me. I've no interest in managing hostages, so you are all free to do as you wish. It goes without saying that I want you to light the lighthouses, and I'm willing to let you do it on your own time, given the circumstances.
<Kraden> That seems extremely lenient to me. What do you have to gain from letting Jenna and Sheba walk free?
<Sheba> I sure don't feel free, if that's what you're implying.
<Alex> Sheba has the right of it. Until you get a boat, you're stuck on Indra and Osenia. Which in turn means it's easier for me to track you down, should you flee.
<Jenna> That doesn't change that you're letting a Mars and a Jupiter Adept walk free.
<Alex> Let's just say that you're not that special in the grand scheme of things. Particularly you, Jenna.
<Jenna> I love you too, you slimeball.
<Alex> In any event, I'll be here until I can stow away. I'll check up on you afterwards if you haven't lit the lighthouses, but if you have, then consider this our last meeting.
<Felix> Okay, we get it. We need a bit of time to work out our own solutions, but we'll light the lighthouses.
<Sheba> Felix--
<Felix> (I know you guys aren't on board yet. We'll use that time to come to a consensus about the whole thing, okay?)
<Jenna> (Just as long as we can go back home once we're done.)
<Felix> (I promise.)

Anyway, Alhafra. Long story short, the pirates bought the boat with stolen Madran money and are trying to repair it. The Alhafran mayor doesn't care about their allegiance because their money is just fine with him.

Alhafra's townsfolk have mixed feelings about this, since there's little done with reparations for the town itself while the mayor is off dealing with pirates. Have we established that the Alhafran mayor is corrupt and greedy yet? Good, moving on.

Alhafra sells ordinary boots. Cool. There are no upgrades to this outside of the Game Ticket slot machine that WILL appear later.

At the ship itself, there's a lot of things that need repairing. The main thing is the mast, which was split by the wave itself.

Most of the problems here can be fixed with mundane Psynergy, but the big-ass rock is a bit much for us. Not even Pound will dent that thing.

Going into the ship itself leads to Briggs, astonished that he's been followed so quickly by the Madran mayors.

<Briggs> We just can't catch a break, can we?
<FirstMate> In fairness, we ARE committing piracy.
<Briggs> I wouldn't see it that way. We're just redistributing a little wealth here and there.
<FirstMate> I know, we're doing it with the best of intentions, but it's still piracy, any way you slice it.

<Briggs> If there was an easier way, we'd take it, but there isn't. And I'm trying to make the piracy as painless as possible.
<FirstMate> How so?
<Briggs> Well, for starters, we never take too much from any one town. Mostly just stuff they won't miss in the first place, y'know?
<FirstMate> Okay... but why didn't we take anything from Alhafra, then? This place has stuff coming out of its ears!
<Briggs> Alhafra's a very rich town, yeah, but that's what makes them so dangerous. If we so much as pilfered a loaf of bread, who knows what kind of attention that would draw?
<FirstMate> Oh, I get it. Risk outpaces reward, right?

<Felix> (Huh... I guess they have a bit of honor. That's good, maybe they'll give their word on Piers' behalf.)
<Kraden> (Careful. It might look honorable, but they're still rationalizing to cover up their crimes.)
<Sheba> (Of course, you'd know a lot about that, wouldn't you, Kraden?)
<FirstMate> See, that right there? That's why you're the captain, Briggs! You've got brains coming out of your ears!

Since we lack a Garet to be a loudmouth acting against us, we need a replacement, so I suppose Jenna will have to do for now. Needless to say, this gets the pirates' attention, and they run out to see what's up.

<Briggs> Can't say I do, no.
<Felix> An innocent sailor named Piers was captured by the Madrans, and they're holding him responsible for your piracy there!
<Jenna> You need to go tell everyone that he's innocent!
<Briggs> That doesn't sound like something I want to do.
<Kraden> Consider it carefully. Now that we've found you out, you've nowhere to run, and the mayor of Madra is here in Alhafra. Come peacefully and testify that Piers is innocent, and we'll put in a good word for you so your sentence is lessened.
<Briggs> Nope, still not interested. It's a shame your man Piers was jailed up for something he didn't do. Really, it is. But you're out of your mind if you think I'm handing myself over without a fight!
<Sheba> So you admit he's innocent, but won't raise a finger to save him?
<Briggs> There's a LOT of people that need saving, kiddo, and you're at the top of the list!

In the original, Briggs' conversation with his first mate is basically the same (and pretty good), but the meet-up here devolves into a fight at Kraden's instigation, with this textbox, rather than Briggs being backed into a corner and lashing out.

And honestly, Briggs' character arc isn't that bad for Golden Sun. He's displayed as sort of sympathetic, but who's turned to immoral ends to solve a moral problem (the starvation of his homeland). This scene didn't even need much editing. I mean, we don't have a reason to be going after Briggs here normally since we have piss-all reason to care about Piers if he doesn't talk to us, but once that's fixed, this is an easy one.

There's just one minor problem remaining.

Briggs and his friend here? Between Hard Mode and going to Alhafra first?

And with Briggs being able to summon more help with Sea Whistles?

Hardest mandatory fight in either game, hands down. As in we can't actually win this fight as it currently stands, the pirates just sling too much damage, have too much health, and have practically endless numbers.

Once we do take down Briggs, we're done in Osenia, but we'll need to brush up on our technique (grind levels) first. Thankfully, Osenia's southern half DOES have a means to allow actual progression rather than just grinding, but we're not gonna like it.

If we go back into the Yampi Desert, we can see a route to the south leading somewhere else. This will be our eventual destination, but first I have a town to swing by.

Air's Rock (probably related to Ayers Rock, in Australia) is the next area, and it is a doozy. We'll save that for next update.
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