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By climbing back down to the first area, we get the Storm Brand, which will serve Felix for maybe this area and the next.

While the basic unleash effect is kind of neat, this rain-looking effect that he jumps and slashes into...

In the Lost Age, anything that debuffs Attack or Defense as an auxiliary effect staples on the graphics of Dull/Impair as a secondary thing. It's, um... a little weird, since that didn't happen last game (and if you import older weapons, they don't do it either). And that very same discrepancy was diligently maintained for Dark Dawn, because I don't know.

We had the moai help us earlier, and now they can drop us to the bottom of the rock wall. This isn't hard to avoid, just aggravating.

These ones in the floor launch us upwards, that's neat.

I can't pull this one off the cliff because it's in one of those puzzley ridge things that locks it off. This is not very clear.

You need to first approach it from this side to move the pillar behind it. This constitutes a puzzle, right?

To make matters sillier, we need to go on this path first...

To move this out of the way...

And then backtrack and take the lower of those two rock faces. If we kept climbing ahead, the mist would just have us repeat the screen.

Again: none of this is an actual puzzle with any degree of difficulty in figuring it out. It is a long series of "did you go the right way first? Good, now take the other path. If not, go back and go the right way first."

If you want, you can go back to the first climbing path to get that Fujin Shield there. No.

One last Wind Stone later, and we lightning-blast open the top of Air's Rock, revealing a passage inward.

Again: we first spent maybe 15 minutes outside Air's Rock approaching it, then about another 15 climbing up to the top. We are not done yet. We are about halfway in. There has been NOTHING here.

Our goal is to activate that giant moai with that Wind Stone. And wouldn't you know it, in order to jump there we need to hike all the way to the basement of Air's Rock.

To their credit, they try adding actual puzzles here. The two pairs of stakes here are set up so if we walk on one, it collapses and the other rises. To fix this, we just set them up where the pillars block one in the ground, while still letting us jump to others.

This doesn't make our route any more straightforward, unfortunately. We're still in loads of featureless winding corridors with most of the puzzles still consisting of "go the right way, and if you didn't, backtrack and go the right way".

Here's one more puzzle that'll get our next multi-element summon. As you can see, we need to push a pillar, but it despawned due to sprite limits. Or something.

The actual answer is we need to launch that pillar via Whirlwind.

Also depicted: air vent things that can only supply pressure to one of two paths. This is a "neat" reflavoring of the same "go a roundabout path and push a pillar then backtrack" things we have been experiencing all dungeon.

Apologies if I'm cranky, our AC and Internet are in the shop.

This one's actually a puzzle, since we need to Move the pillar into place for a stepping stone, but barehanded pushing would put us in the path of the air vent. This is as close to an actual puzzle as the entirety of Air's Rock has actually gotten. This is not hyperbole.

For extra backtracking fun, we can't actually do the puzzle for the summon until we activate this moai, done by activating the larger moai near the top. We will still be getting it anyway because the backtracking is mandatory.


The next evolution in circuitous path design: these spinner platforms that you can change the angle of with Wind Stones.

Somewhere in these doldrums, Felix grabs the Ragnarok Psynergy I never used in the first game. It's the physical Psynergy for the Knight class and it's pretty cool, let's use it.

It fires a sword at dudes, and then explodes. Cool.
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