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Originally Posted by Sven View Post
It's possible, but my god would you need to be good to beat it with the A-10. The A-10 would at least make those launchers at the boss a bit easier to deal with; as the video showed, you oftentimes take more damage from them than the boss itself.
I'm not sure I've ever taken damage from the launchers at the bottom of the screen, it's usually the flamethrowers that get me. I can't recall ever trying to beat that boss with the A10, but it seems to me that your best bet would be to hoard your napalm until the end up the level so that you could use it to destroy turrets coming in from the left side of the screen. Either way, it would be a total son of a bitch to make it that far with any fuel left, and the fight would be incredibly difficult with only a level 3 vulcan cannon to damage the boss with.
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