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Episode 16

After stopping a rogue Klingonís plot to make genetically augmented troops and control a planet-destroying superweapon, we go back to finish off the story of the Klingon War arc in a traditional Star Trek way: through time travel.

Before we do this, though, our heroics and feats have earned both Mechalomaniac and I a promotion, and access to the next tier of starships. I upgraded to the Heavy Escort Refit, which is the C-Store alternate version of the Heavy Escort. The primary ship class that the Heavy Escort is based on is the Akira-Class, which is a fan favourite design. The Refit is specifically based on the USS Thunderchild, though, which explains it's alternate design.

Mecha upgraded to the Heavy Cruiser, which is one of the few chassis in STO where a bunch of the alternate skins are actually canon ships. In this case, it's based on both the Cheyenne-Class and the Constellation-Class (specifically, the USS Stargazer). The C-Store alternate for this category is also unusual for being one of the few times that the alternate is an entirely different ship; in this case, the Advanced Heavy Cruiser, which is the Excelsior-Class.
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