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Mainly because it's come to my attention that someone else may have been wanting to do it, and as I know Sky personally, i'd prefer if it was taken over by someone I know first.

I think my main problem is I was driven crazy by my rampant perfectionism when writing anything. As anyone who read it saw, I switched styles several times in just the first few updates, but unable to solidify a style, I eventually buckled under the attempt to find something that both I and readers would like. I'm not even sure to be honest if I ever really attracted a strong readership, though i've been told that at least a few were into it. Really I don't know if i'll be able to try the LP thing again or not due to my OCD.

Also, though I do hang around here a lot, I haven't tended to post except for Sky Render's updates. I'm a pretty shy person about such things. That lack of posting may have been why I never really established myself as an LPer here either.
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