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Default Running commentary from the parental units

I love this game. When I rented it as a kid, my dad liked to watch me play it - mainly because since he was an aviation buff, he'd tell me what every enemy was. ("And there's an SR-71 Blackbird...and it's laying eggs.")

Also, a slight inaccuracy in the video - there's a fourth, harder, "Gamer" difficulty.

Originally Posted by Nintendo Power circa 1992
To get to the super-hard Gamer Mode, go to Options and hold X + A on Controller Two and move the difficulty setting to Gamer. Bullets move twice (maybe three times) as fast and you get a special message at the end of the game.
Yay! Extra content for the director's cut of the LP! (consisting mainly of swearing at me)

As for the vote: I'd like to see the ocean, because I really like that level. I'm sure that none of the other mobile enemy forces will attack your base in the meantime!
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