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There's our medal!

Titania has a lot going on. Like Eladard, there are a lot of intriguing sights that really help give the area an identity. But it just feels more "active" here, probably because the boss is the only mobile thing on Eladard. Titania is a mysterious desert with all kinds of critters ready to crawl up from below, vultures stealing valuables, and unreadable stone foes ready to spring to life and crush us.

We could use a break. Let's step inside.

The initial corridor uses the same "hide a medal behind the arrow" trick that we saw at Astropolis (I caught the coin spinning at a tough-to-see angle. It's by the walker's left leg).

The door to the core is locked, and we have chambers on the left and right to choose from.

Both rooms contain a rolling bomber enemy, but one room is open, while the other wraps around a central wall. We need to destroy one of them to open the way to the core (which is as unremarkable as most).

Next Time: Hard mode is at an end! Time to get serious and take everything the game can throw at us.

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