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Itís possible thereís a better way, but I prefer to close a door while Treehead is standing on it (enemies canít hurt you then) and just wait around for a while until the snakes kill themselves. Itís not that efficient, but it has the least amount of engagement possible with the snake manipulation device, and thatís important!

Meanwhile, all the roach queens are spawning roaches, and the snakes will eventually all die. Then itís a matter of killing roaches, stepping off the closed door, and becoming mobile again.

Of course, the room isnít over yet. Treehead still needs to go into each of the snake chambers and hit the orb there to open up the way to a single roach queen, then kill it, and repeat five more times. All the while killing roaches from the other queens and trying to avoid interacting with the snake manipulation device.

Iíll spare you the screenshots. This room is unique and memorable, but itís really not very fun.

Once that room is finally over with, itís on to the south. Here the puzzle is again killing the snakes, with the door/corridor contraption on the west half of the room the only way to do it aside from making snake traps out of roaches.

The way it works is pretty easy. Both orbs toggle all three doors; so you lure the snake in, hit the bottom orb while the snake is in the top half, and profit. Then you do it again. Then you clean up the roaches.

Öcan you tell Iím getting tired of snakes?

Once again, this room looks like it will be backtracked through. But not yet; on to the east.

Here weíve got a race to stay ahead of several snakes, on orthogonal tiles, while also being beset by roaches from a queen. The objective is to hit the orbs, first top, then right, then left, to open the way to kill the roach queen and set up a snake trap using its crumbly walls.

The force arrows are oases in the desert of orthogonal tiles for Treehead; the snakes canít cross them, so he can stand on them and be safe, then wait for an opening to dash to the next arrow. Due to the tiles, this is harder than it sounds!

Plus there are roaches coming at him from the central chamber. The good news is that the mass of snakes tends to kill a few of their own number off by forming temporary traps with their bodies, which frees up some room for Treehead to move around.

Itís often best to keep moving as much as possible to stay ahead of some of the snakes, though usually at least one will be right behind you.

Finally, once all three orbs have been hit, itís all about making your way back to the middle.

There, Treehead can get ready to kill off the last snakes. The middle allows diagonal movement, which helps considerably; just be sure not to break too many walls!

Eventually, Treehead manages to herd all the snakes to their doom and can continue east.

To more snakes! The orbs on the right each open up half of the snake trap-looking thing in the middle, but also open up half of the walls that keep the snakes penned in. But how will Treehead get back after he goes over to hit those orbs?

With Halph! Treehead just needs to Frogger his way into the middle and let Halph do the opening-doors work.

Get Halph to open up the two trapsÖ

Öand dance around them like your life depends on it!

The difficulty is in surviving the initial snake onslaught; once youíve made it far enough, the room is easy. And the only way out of this one, at least for now, is back to the east, using Halph to open up the door next to the force arrows.

There is an easier way to do this room without using the snake traps at all. Can you think of it?

Circling back around, Treehead finds his next room to solve at 3S1E. Looks like some more snake-dodging is in order.

The room is a light course of wubba-herding, snake-herding, and roach-killing. The biggest challenge is figuring out how to kill the snakes, as the second one has the obvious niches blocked by wubbas, and the third one doesnít have any obvious snake-traps accessible.
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