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So, yeah, back to that roomÖitís actually pretty easy, and Iím annoyed I didnít see it in the first place.

The third mimic goes on the side of the last roach group, which means it has to be pushed one square left relative to Treehead.

Then youíve got to notice that there are seven squares in the entry hallway for a reason! Walking all the way to the right without exiting the room will push the mimic one square left.

And then finishing the room is easy. At last!

That room was actually the last room on the floor, so itís on to the room that was previously blocked by the blue door. The gimmick here is that the mimic needs to go near the orbs on the left to let Treehead in to attack the enemies. The southeast orb lets him in, but the northwest orb closes the exits to the room! So Treehead has to conquer the whole thing without ever letting his sword point northwest.

The first few chambers are pretty easy, as long as you donít forget about your sword. While the roaches at the top of this first chamber might naturally be killed with a northwest sword, itís not hard to point it north and sideswipe them instead.

The northeast is a little trickier, as the golems and eyes canít be lured out of the room, and Treehead will have to advance to attack them. Still, a little planning and a west sword will get him through.

Then itís down to the south, where the pile of enemies poses an issue. If Treehead strikes the orb with either a north or east sword, heíll let all the enemies out after him, and theyíll quickly overwhelm him unless heís very careful with his footwork. So he goes around the south side first, trusting in a north sword to clear out the enemies, and retreating and switching to west whenever the roach queen spawns.

This doesnít quite go as planned!

But by hugging the wall, Treehead manages to survive and attack again.

After he clears out the west side, he takes out the door roaches the way he probably should have in the first place. Note that a north sword and a particular series of steps (SE SE S SW) are required to survive opening this door (barring some crazy golem-leading shenanigans, anyway).

Then all thatís left are the snakes, and itís easy to use the breakable walls (or trapdoors, if youíre desperate) to make a trap to kill them both. Treehead continues to the south.

Huh, looks like the end of the level!

And thereís a way up, out of the dungeon! But the slayerís here to cut it off!

Buzzkill. Treehead continues down.

TheÖliving tar? Creepy.

Oh no.
Oh yes, Treehead. He knows the tar from DRoD 1.0 (itís that blue stuff), but we donít. Doesnít look very alive to me.

AAH! Kill it!

More of them!

The way the living tar works is that it can be cut on any flat surface. This either turns adjacent flat surfaces into curved surfaces, or replaces curved surfaces with tar babies, which act the same as roaches. Straight barriers like in this room are very easy to cut through, but as Iím sure Treehead knows, it can get a lot more complicated.

The next room dials up the tar tutorial several notches, but isnít really any more difficult. Just cut through flat surfaces and stab the babies as you go.
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