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Since you can only cut through tar on flat surfaces, 2x2 blobs of tar are completely impassible. Make sure not to leave them blocking important paths!

Also…uh…be careful where you cut the tar. Babies that show up on top of walls can be killed and will walk off the wall toward Treehead if possible. But that northwest baby, surrounded by walls, is stuck and unkillable. This one requires a reset.

Much better.

To the east: more tar! But those black doors look new…

That’s right: they only open when all tar in the room (not necessarily babies too) is clear. So this room, and any others like it, are tar-clearing puzzles. Don’t leave any 2x2 blobs!

The tar in the top-left is easy enough. Keep stabbing the lowest vertical surface you can find and it’ll get cleared right up.

Likewise in the bottom-left. Cut through to the babies first, either vertically or horizontally but not both; then the remaining blobs can be cleared away.

The right side is the most complicated. Take it slow and be sure to nip any potential 2x2s, like the one to the left of Treehead here, in the bud before you cut away the rest of the surrounding tar.

With the room clear, the black door opens, as promised. Treehead goes north.

Oh boy. Only one enemy, but the left orb opens a door surrounding the right orb, which in turn opens a door that can barely be seen under the tar surrounding the roach. This here’s a dig through the tar maze.

In a tar maze like this, 2-wide hallways any longer than 1 tile are impassable. See for example the hallway directly to the west; Treehead has no way to cut through that. So he proceeds north into the west maze.

Note also that any 2-wide space can potentially become impassable if the tar is cut just in front of it; it important to cut into those spaces and remove the tar, as Treehead does here. If he had cut one space south of where he did, he would have gotten himself stuck and had to reset.

That first choke point and this one here are the toughest points of the west maze. Everything else is just cutting straight to the orb.

Now for the east maze. With a lot more choke points, this maze requires you to think carefully about your path through it.

Treehead finds a way, and gains access to the enemies. It’s also possible to sneak through the small diagonal gap, a little to the west.

Killing the roaches is the easy part.

Aha! There’s a faint little crack here!

A secret room! Remember to let me know if you spot places these could be hidden!


At least this one was a flavor room and not the other kind of secret room: a particularly diabolical puzzle.

On his way back, Treehead has to cut through some tar again. You can see how the tar can get very frustrating very quickly.

This time, to the east, where Treehead again has to clean up all of the dungeon architects’ messes.
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