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Default Wild Arms 2 22-4

Bulkogidon this, Bulkogidon that. Iíll believe it when I see it!

Ashley, you scored big with dragging Kanon over to your side. Donít press your luck.

Luckily, Liz isnít even entertaining notions of joining ARMS (though you know heíd totally be a playable character in the Wild Arms 2 remake).

Always a pleasure, guys.

Yeah, they werenít even blocking the way forward that time. WeÖ pretty much just entertained them for ten minutes.

Yes. Absolutely.

But Ashley reasons that Liz & Ard must have been here as Odessaís last line of defense. UhÖ Sure, Ash. Sure.

So letís see what is a good eight steps in this direction.

More computers! Yay?

Diablo Pillars feed the Heimdal Gazzo. How about a map to the pillars, Friend Computer?

Four pillars. Whatever. Map, please?

Ugh. We got all the information we needed half a dungeon ago. Lame.

Seriously? Nothing more to this place? At least we got some grappling experience, I suppose.

The phone rings. Amusingly enough, every other ARMS member is just like ďoh, Irving is callingĒ, but Kanon has no idea what our boring ringtone even means.

Kate, what are you talking about?

Ö What? Have a panic attack? Whatís going on, gals?

Oh. What? The bad guys got a new plane? A big one?

And itís invisible?

Ohhh now I see the problem. Odessa just scored its own Death Star.

And Ashley does not appreciate being the last to know.

This unprecedented solar eclipse is no cause for alarm.

Or it is. Hereís Odessaís brand new flying death machine. Note that the entire dungeon is below that ship, but, for some reason, itís kind of hard to see.

Fun choice of words, Antenora.

So this is the Heimdal Gazzo all those computers were talking about. I can see how it would need a little extra gas in its tank.

You know what you donít see very much in fiction? Bad guys with two super weapons. Odessa currently has a nuclear bomb, but, so as not to waste it, they also have a giant flying death laser. Always have a backup plan, boys and girls!

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