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I'm way behind on commenting on this thread (not on reading along, though!), but here's a couple thoughts on this part.

- The takeaway for Ptolomea, I think, is supposed to be how loyal he is to the soldiers under his command. That might make some more sense if, say, he had fought alongside them before they were imprisoned or something, but I don't think there's anything to suggest that.

- You don't hear from Caina right now the same way you do the other three, but, Caina's method of 'defeat' is a recurring theme: Zeikfried gets sucked into a portal in WA1 in a very similar way, as does Asgard in WA3 (even better, he gets transported through time as well as space).

- One theme we are seeing here, which I believe is maintained in every WA game, is that the bad guys, though they are ostensibly working together, do not share common goals and/or motivations, and will ultimately fail (in part) for that reason.
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