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The only war ghost in range promptly flies over and spears Clint in the back.

Each of them hits the other for 13, but that's over half of the ghost's health total while it's less than a third of Clint's, so Team Already Dead would be pretty sorely outmatched here even if we took Diego Renault, Paranormal Exterminator out of the equation.

The remaining two ghosts fly as close as they can get, at which point the camera moves over to the imps waiting on the other side of the map and makes me watch each of them pause for a couple of seconds before deciding to do nothing and passing their turn. This is about as annoying as it sounds.

"...and a special tax was levied on them. They can't even vote."

Diego is so bored by the proceedings that he decides to take some time in the middle of the battle to assess local property values.

"...oppressing them just for being who they are. Politicians always make the weak in society pay for others' mistakes."

Clint, meanwhile, is so unconcerned about the flying armoured ghost at his back that he takes some time out for scathing social commentary.

Our heroes seem pretty dissatisfied with the status quo. Let's take out our aggressions on some monsters!

Whelp, so much for the ghosts. Diego was able to kill his target because of the weapon triangle, Clint was able to kill his target because it was already injured, and Ash was able to kill his target because he's AWESOME.

We get two level-ups for our trouble, bringing the entire team up to level 6, which is just how I like it.

And then I get to spend an interminable handful of seconds watching the enemy look at me. That doesn't sound like much, but I get to watch it all over again every time my characters spend their movement making their way across the map. I'd be less annoyed if they were shooting me in the face.

Well, with all of the ghosts dead, everything important that's left to worry about in on the other side of the river. There's a big shiny chest and two imps left to harry us on our way to the finish line, which is that platform in front of the door to the church. But how do we get over there?

"If we 'Examine' the switch, it should release it!"

Huh, what switch?

Ohhh, THAT switch. I guess it was too subtle for me. Could have done with a flashing arrow or two. Not pictured: several uneventful turns spent moving into position and watching the imps do nothing.
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