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The drawbridge crashes with such a heavy thud that it throws up some dust and rises back up into the air a bit before finally settling into place. I think they know we're coming.

Despite having everyone lined up and waiting to cross, I'm still not able to reach either of the imps, so I send Ash in as far as he can go to hopefully draw some fire while Clint and Diego bring up the rear.

The first imp demonstrates some pretty poor decision-making by moving in front of Ash, which is pretty much the last place that any monster wants to be. I see Ash sizing him up with his eyes in that first screenshot; I like to think that he just sees a giant "XP" with legs, like a hungry cartoon character seeing someone turn into a chicken leg. The imp then fires over his head at Clint though, demonstrating that he's not completely insane. So much for drawing fire. Clint is still injured from the first war ghost, and I think they smell blood.

The 2nd imp moves behind Ash and does the same. Clint is down to 15 HP, which might be a concern if the imps had any hope of living through the next turn. If I was Clint, I'd be pretty bitter that the enemy flanked Ash but elected to shoot him in the face twice instead.

You might think that I'm getting sick of posting pictures of Ash killing things. You would be mistaken.

Diego and Clint quickly mop up the remaining imp, freeing me to do a final sweep for treasure.

I still have to periodically watch this message for several seconds as the screen slowly rotates and nothing happens though.

Ash celebrates his victory by sending yet another herb to the supply weapon. I feel like these treasure chests, shining as bright as they do in stark contrast to their surroundings, make a promise that their contents absolutely fail to deliver on.

Meanwhile, Diego investigates a suspicious cracked tile and is rewarded with a... mushroom? Whatever you say, game. I think I know what a mushroom looks like, though...

The map ends when all living characters (and if you managed to have anyone die on this map, this may not be the game for you) stand on the tiles immediately in front of the church doors. Moving everyone into position for this takes entirely too long.

Bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop. That never gets less satisfying.
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