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"We don't want any more needless bloodshed."

Ash makes generous use of the word "weapon" here.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that this dapper genleman is the man in charge of our insurgents.

You drink a glass of blood on a dare just one time and no one ever lets you live it down.

"Also, this man seems different than those crimson murderers. I'll give him a chance."

Count Claymore clearly has a good head on his shoulders, and not just because he's able to notice that we're not wearing evil red robot armour.

As you can see in one of those screenshots, the only walking animation that these guys have is panicking running with their hands held in front of them. You... you can probably read something into that. In any case, it provides some unintentional hilarity that is unfortunately a bit incongruous with the sombre nature of this scene.

" responsibility. Please do not blame anyone else."

The way that the dialogue bounces back and forth between top and bottom plays just fine when you're seeing it happen in real-time, but it makes screen-shotting these scenes a bit awkward at times.

Ash: "We have laws here. It's not for me to decide... but I will report that you offered us no resistance."
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