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Sadly, you can't make everyone an airman. (Plus aren't they called Hawknights everywhere but that one dialog box?) Spoiler tagging the rest of this because I'm sure JBear's looking forward to elaborating once it comes up but... There's 4 base classes (plus Ash), and each has just two promotion options. Just going purely from memory, and putting things in D&Dish terms, you get eventually end up with Ash, 3 Fighters, 4 Rogues, 2 Arcanes, and 2 Divines. Fighters get to prioritize offense or defense, Arcanes and Divines can become the totally worthless instantly regretted garbage class monk or stay amazingly awesome as Mages/Clerics.

Rogues though have a really interesting choice involved, not only because you're potentially changing them from scissors to paper, but because Hawkmen are amazingly cool and vital and zoom all over the map picking up treasure and reaching places no other character can (with stuff in those places you need to get the crazy endgame bonus thing), archers get pretty impressive attack range (but can't fire diagonally), and get some pretty sweet sniper perches on a few maps it's nice to take advantage of.

I want to firmly establish though that when the time comes, you damn well better make Darius a Hawknight and Kira an Archer, because their end game sprites are way too great to not see.
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