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Ash gonna Ash. He too gains a level, bumping our entire team up to level 7.

On the enemy turn, these two golems are the only ones to move, rushing forward to meet Client & Diego and stopping underneath this aqueduct. It may be worth noting that water is constantly pouring out of it into the basin, but given that the environments in this game are sinfully ugly, I try not to draw too much attention to them.

Diego and Client easily finish off the helpless golem. I considered several different rock jokes here, but wasn't satisfied with any of them. Please kindly insert your own.

Ash just inches up the stairs a little to put himself in position to help me show off something cool next turn. GET EXCITE!

One of the enemy golems heads in Ash's direction and picks a very poor place to stand...

Although, come to think, anywhere near Ash is a poor place to stand.

The other two head towards Diego and Clint, but only one of them can get close enough to attack. He and Diego exchange blows.

In an impressive display of willpower, Clint helps Diego finish off the golem rather than busting open that tantalizing glowing chest. Soon Clint, soon.

And now Ash is going to help us introduce this battle's gimmick: pushable stuff! I just sidle him up to this boulder and choose 'Push'...

Let's rock and roll! (Looks like I managed to find a joke after all.)

With a mighty pushkick, Ash sends the boulder rolling down the stairs until it hits that yellow box and explodes. Anything caught in its path (like our friend the golem there, barely visible being crushed on that first screen) takes half of its HP in damage. Note, however, that unlike most actions in this game, doing so grants characters no experience.

Much like Examining a square, a Push action allows you to use any remaining movement and take an action afterwards. However, Ash used all of his movement to reach the square he's in, and the golem is just out of reach, so he ends his turn.
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