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The remaining golem on the other side beats Clint to within an each of his life, and Client responds by taking exactly half of his.

Ash doesn't do halves.

On my next turn, Diego's arrow leaves the golem with a frustrating 1HP, so Clint stares forlornly at the chest before turning around and using his attack to finish it off.

Meanwhile, Ash moves to the bottom of the stairs in hopes of drawing the attention of the remaining golems. What I'd like to do is have Ash lead them on a merry chase around the map in the direction that he came from while Clint and Diego sneak in from the other direction and grab the loot.

The enemy takes the bait, as the three remaining golems all rush forward and line up for an ass-whupping. Shame that I don't have another boulder to bowl them over with.

Clint versus the treasure chest. Who will emerge victorious?

I probably won't use this any time soon, but at least it's not another Herb.

Ash retreats up the stairs and waits for the golems to follow.

Make it rain, Ash. The remaining two golems evidently aren't too bright, as they continue to give chase.

Ash and Diego are slowly making their way around the map while Ash has all the fun. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice a suspicious-looking tile just to the south of my cursor.
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