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Nah, sorry everyone, but I'm just yanking yer chain. I'm afraid this is a "But thou must" choice. The game has several choices like this, but the majority just change the next few lines of dialogue, and this one is no different. Let's look at option #2 first, because that's how I roll:

For the record, according to supplementary material, Eleni is 19 years old.

No, Diego, you really don't.

And option #1:

To my mind, the key difference between these two options is that, in this case, Eleni makes an adorable delighted pose where she hops up on one leg and clasps her hands together, making it the objective best choice. Diego's incredulous pose in the last shot is just a bonus.

Returning from parallel dimensions to our convergent timeline:

Huxley runs the gamut of facial expressions pretty quickly right here. He's right though: we do need him.

Hooray! As with most things in this game, a new party member joining gets its own unique little jingle, and we get to hear it twice in quick succession here.

Diego, he's right there. He... he can hear you. Or, at least, I hope he can.
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