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Our next Liberation Rite, and it'll be tough, is against the Essence. Can we pull off a third win?

Character Bio:

Tamitha Theyn
The Wings of Vengeance

There are a lot of antagonistic characters in the game, but most of them are just treated as jokes, especially Manley and Barker. Tamitha is one of the ones I most commonly see as totally hated, which I personally think is unfair to her. Yes, she's a vengeance-driven jerk, but can you honestly blame her? The war with the Commonwealth has been slowly but surely wiping out her people, and war makes monsters of even the best of people. I don't fault her at all for wanting to see it won decisively, especially since her people are looming on extinction, although I do understand why everyone else just sees her as a vengeance-driven jerk. She also hates her sister to pieces, which is problematic as Pamitha absolutely holds herself to blame for her sister's exile and is willing to go to drastic lengths to see her free.

Tamitha leads the Essence, as founded by the Matriarch Triesta Tithis. The principles the Essence were meant to champion are primarily liberty and piety, which Tamitha is doing an excellent job with exactly one of these. She openly scorns Triesta as a traitor to her people, so the piety thing is shot. The Book of Rites also touches on the difficulties the Harps and the people of the Empire had, even before the Commonwealth's establishment, and Triesta wanted people to unite as one and overcome this. Yeah, Tamitha's failing there too.

In the versus mode, Tamitha's only competition is her sister Pamitha, who boasts two extra points of Quickness and Hope over her. As far as Masteries go, Pamitha has Sleight of Wing to swap places with teammates with a salute, and Shrike Dash for faster-moving dashes. Tamitha only has the one, and that's Fell Swoop, which you saw us use to our great advantage in our last rite against the Chastity to barrel in and banish the entire team at once. Pamitha's better if you prefer to maneuver around your enemies, while Tamitha obviously suits barreling in and crushing their defenses all at once.

Streaming today at 7PM Mountain Time. As before, that amounts to 6PM on the West Coast and 9PM on the East.
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