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Performance detracting ghosts are legal in the Rites, I guess.

Character Bio:

Sir Deluge
The Craven Commander

I already went over wyrm culture in Sir Gilman's bio, and how he is an exemplary wyrm-knight. Sir Deluge is quite the opposite, and has the bad luck to be a coward in a culture that prizes selfless courage above all else. Having a willingness to stay out of trouble meant he survived far more battles than your average wyrm-knight, which meant he was promoted beyond his ken and forced to lead groups in situations he just flat didn't have the nerves for. He's almost Fire Emblem early stage boss comical in his ways, but his cautionary tale of societal pressure is really tragic, at least to me.

Even the Pyrehearts, as founded by Underking Ores, are an extension of this culture, meant to not fear death and to live life to the fullest with bravery and honor. Sir Deluge is forced into leadership he neither has aptitude nor desire for, and takes it out on his underlings, including Sir Gilman. I'm not saying he's blameless, but I can understand him at least, far moreso than the likes of Lendel or Manley. He was born into a prison of expectations, and that's the entire world he knows.

Statwise, Sir Deluge makes up for lower Quickness and Hope compared to Sir Gilman with significantly higher Presence, which as you might recall means that his Aura-Trail is longer, not wider. He also possesses Greater Cleave and Avenging Aid (and Stunning Claim), meaning he's there to set up huge Aura-Trail traps and then be a coward, ideally stalling and banishing for his team to return faster. Meanwhile, Sir Gilman has Vigorous Slash, Quick Draw, and Valiant Return, pushing him to be far more aggressive and to take on the enemy triumvirate head-on.
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