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When the going gets tough, the coach delivers that dramatic speech that keeps the team going.

Character Bio:

Volfred Sandalwood
The Plan Maker

From the beginning, Sandalwood is only mentioned in passing, as a loose contact of Hedwyn's and a client of the Lone Minstrel (and we'll come back to that during his bio). You only meet him during the end of the first run at the Liberation Rite, and he pretty much instantly tells you "thank you for your time, you are free to go". In almost any other game, this would be the guy who you'd expect to have an ulterior motive, as surely as the main religious organization of any given JRPG has diabolical leadership.

Volfred Sandalwood is many things, but he is not a dishonest or non-compassionate man at all. He's no idealist like Hedwyn, but he wants the same thing, and that thing is freedom. Not just for himself, but for everyone unjustly imprisoned due to the Rites. He's very pragmatic about it, and is willing to roll with punches that would make anyone else give up. One even wonders if he has more in store should the Plan to topple the Commonwealth's corrupt leadership fail.

So what does this mean for the Nightwings, which he serves as the effective leader of (not us, as most games would have you do)? Well, they were originally created to serve as a common enemy for the other eight triumvirates, with the unfair advantage that they always get a shot at the Liberation Rite. Which, if we treat this as an apocalyptic setting, makes us the zombies: the background fodder that nevertheless is the driving threat for everyone else to unite against or squabble over. Volfred turns that kind of philosophy on its head: if we win enough, then the entire system is broken, and no one else will ever be sent into exile.

Volfred's the only other Sap in versus mode, compared to Manley. Volfred has better Glory, Quickness, and Hope even without his bonus from his Masteries (Steadfast Hope and Guardian Shield), and works as a great generic character for a Sap who still has a chance to Blink in and score, while Manley is a more technical sort who relies on Unstable Sapling to attack his foes, and Numbing Gust to prevent them from just banishing everyone and calling it good. But honestly, given a choice, would you rather play as Volfred or Manley, no matter their stats?

Stream Sunday at 7PM my time, as usual. I may put up a bonus video of some versus mode Rites I did while I was waiting for my stream to even out.

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